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Re: Why Kill More People By Not Wearing Masks ?

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ManicProgressive:   Making lemonade out of lemons....



Great way to put it MP. Making cool masks is a fun cottage industry and good luck to those doing it.

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Re: Why Kill More People By Not Wearing Masks ?

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Thank god I'm married to a real man who isn't afraid to wear a mask.  My kids were no issue; I've gotten Ravens masks, Hamilton masks, Maryland flag masks, even a Hello Kitty mask.   I keep them washed and and ready to go, by the door in a basket with hand sanitizer.   They transitioned easily to this new world (other than getting sent home from college, which was not pleasant, lol).   But as is the American way, the mask industry has taken off and it's becoming an odd but real fashion statement.  Making lemonade out of lemons....

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Why Kill More People By Not Wearing Masks ?

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100,000 have been killed in America by the Coronavirus, and this number is a conservative number that undoubtedly is much higher.  This is twice the total number of people killed in the Vietnam war.


Why do some people insist on not wearing masks which will undoubtedly result in killing even more people.


I have to post the following question to those who refuse to wear a mask, most especially under the guise of "freedom", the "right to choice", etc:


Is it worth not wearing a mask when people will die as a result of it?


What say you.

Only Thing Man Learns From History Is Man Learns Nothing From History
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