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Why Is Speaker Pelosi running scared? Her 25th Amendment legislation tells it all.

By:  Sara Carter


Why is Speaker Pelosi running scared? Her 25th Amendment legislation tells it all.

Does House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have a crystal ball? What does she know that we don’t know.




Pelosi is just terrified. She’s running scared that President Donald Trump is going to win again. She realizes, like the others who’ve been attempting to oust Trump from office that they have little recourse against the American people who will vote for him. She is using the 25th Amendment.


The Democrats and the Right wing establishment don’t believe the American people have the capacity to choose their own leader. This is so anti-American it’s terrifying.

This isn’t the first time. Remember when former FBI General Counsel James Baker revealed to Congress during hearings that former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, along with others, had discussed invoking the 25th Amendment to remove the President from office based on complete and utter lies.


Still, nobody has ever been held accountable for anything that has been done over the past five years to this administration, along with its presidential campaign in 2016.


So these swamp creatures are now emboldened. Where is Justice Department Attorney General William Barr? Where are the big indictments we were expecting with appointed Connecticut Attorney John Durham? Why are all the criminals who have committed the worst criminal acts against the Constitution, the American people and a sitting U.S. president still on the loose?


Pelosi told the world Friday that she plans to introduce legislation to create a “Commission on Presidential Capacity.” A commission on presidential capacity is another word for a set-up and a presidential soft coup that would occur right before our very eyes without any bloodshed.


Remember the 25th Amendment provides for procedures for transferring power to the vice president in case of the president’s death, incapacitation, removal or resignation. So why does Pelosi need legislation attempting to add more lies so she can twist the words of our Constitution to remove a U.S. president?


Pelosi is a liar who is already planning Coup 3.0. First was the Russia Hoax, second was impeachment and now a plan to remove President Trump from office should he be elected after Nov. 3.


There is no other way around it. Pelosi stated in an interview that President Trump may not be thinking clearly because of the drugs he is taking to treat COVID-19.


She said to Bloomberg TV, “the president is, shall we say, in an altered state right now. I don’t know how to answer for that behavior.”


“There are those who say when you are on steroids or have Covid-19, there may be some impairment of judgment,’ she added.


Trump, who is not having any reaction to his medication and has no symptoms of COVID-19, aid Pelosi “is the one who should be under observation.”

The Democrats and the Right wing establishment don’t believe the American people have the capacity to choose their own leader. This is so anti-American is terrifying.


They want to use the 25th, so they can transfer presidential powers to the Vice President for whatever reason Pelosi, Democrats and those so-called Republicans who line their pockets in Washington’s D.C. swamp at the expense of the American tax-payer.


The legislation would create the commission – get this – “to help ensure effective and uninterrupted leadership in the highest office in the Executive Branch of government.”

This is what Pelosi’s office said in a news release and my first question is don’t we have a Constitution that has already taken care of any of these questions. Yes, we do.

Pelosi’s actions are a continuation of one of the most significant crimes against the American people ever in the history of our nation. It is by far the most significant crime against our Republic and a U.S. President.


We are living in history. Don’t be blinded by the lies of the left and their disinformation campaign to seize your power and destroy the fabric of our young vulnerable nation.

Look beyond your feelings about President Trump, whatever they may be and take a hard look at the facts of what has happened over the past four years. We have seen the Russia hoax, the violations of our Constitution, the spying on American citizens and the secret attempts by senior officials in our government to seize power at the cost of what we, as Americans, have fought and sacrificed so much to protect.

Don’t let this happen.


Pelosi, along with the others who support this unAmerican actions, is scared for a reason. She knows the American people can win this election fairly. They are desperate to keep their bureaucratic oligarchy safe and their coffers filled.


They don’t want you to question the truth. They want to keep their crimes hidden. But that hasn’t happened under Trump. The masks have been removed from their faces and what we have witnessed it an affront to the American people and our government.





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jimc91:   Pelosi is just terrified. She’s running scared that President Donald Trump is going to win again.



Omg, that's hilarious. Trumpworld needs to turn off Fox and peek into the real world if they can stand a little reality. Trump is about to get squashed like a grape.

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Sara Carter...... some on this board use this far right alternate fact spinner as one of their main resources.


It just shows how sad that the far right is.


Their resources are diminishing by the day.


You can count their small circle of DEBUNKED RESOURCES on one hand now.

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The title is interesting, and needs to be reversed is trump that runs scared from Pelosi! Always keeping in mind that trump has a problem with strong Women who can think for themselves...and now he’s into calling Kamala names...just like the little child that he is. 

Honored Social Butterfly

Nancy Pelosi comes up what she thinks is a brilliant idea to derail Biden (IF he wins election) and put in the super leftist Harris.  It reminds me of the left's Trojan Horse.  Make 25th Amendment rules up, win the election, and then declare Biden unfit for duty.  Keep your nose covered with that mask, Nancy!


Say no to Joe and BLM cult!

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Seems some conspiracy theories are wondering way off the plantation here. 
Grasping and panic setting in?

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Pelosi is justifiably scared of what this insane man who is losing the election can do to this country in his remaining days.


Trump is vengeful.


He has the nuclear codes, and is still the Commander in Chief.


I'm scared.

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Pelosi is justifiably scared of what this insane man who is losing the election can do to this country in his remaining days.


Insane man being Biden.  He is crazy - racist, don't know what he promised (end fracking, pack the court, etc.).  He will let crazy Nancy invoke the 25th Amendment to END Biden in favor of really crazy Harris!


Say no to Joe and BLM cult!

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I have a question for Jimc91.


Jim, here's a scenario where I'm asking for your opinion. You are the owner of a small company which has approximately 50 employees. All of you work in the same physical office. 


One of your employees, who has a desk near you, tests positive for Covid-19. Only 4 or 5 days later, he wants to return to work. What would you tell him?

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@jimc91  Obviously, you missed the point. Pelosi apparently is much too sarcastic in all of this. Besides she has already stated that is not for this House to act on any of this but to the new House of Representatives to deal after the elections.
She is simply telling the world that we have an imbecile in the White  House and please do not pay attention to anything that he has to say.

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Here we go again. Another article by Sara one of the worst far right opinion writers there is. Truth and Sara never go together.

Sara just puts out the deflection to keep people from the real news like how the Trump Militia is working with far right law enforcement to start all of the violence we have seen this summer in our cities. Even FOX news showed us how 3 Trumpers started violence.

Silver Conversationalist

Nancy Pelosi (full disclosure: I have the hots for her) is tossing in the 25th amendment at the perfect time. Trump's fighting off covid-19 and no one wants to be near him. He wants to decline the next debate although debates are his only chance. A plot by right wing gun nuts is exposed yet neither Trump nor Barr is saying a word.


Trump is going to lose Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Wisconson, Pennsylvania, Florida, the whole west coast and all the northeast except possibly Maine. Biden will sweep in with a mandate.






$750 in taxes.


Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.
Donald Trump
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Ya Gotta Love It!


Trump ignores the scientific advice to wear masks.

Trump catches Covid-19 but doesn't tell us when he tested positive.

Those who are Covid-19 positive are supposed to go into isolation for 14 days.

In most places, one cannot return to work until they receive 2 different negative Covid-19 tests.

Trump, who doesn't care about anyone else, returns to the White House, ignoring the 14 day quarantine rule.

Trump is endangering his White House staff and the Secret Service.

VP Pence, who was en route to Indiana,  was called back, and told to stay in the DC area.


None of the above dangerous actions is a concern to Trump World. Why? Because they are NOT allowed to criticize their Supreme Leader or hold him accountable for his own behavior or actions., As a result, they always look for someone else to blame. In this case, they chose Pelosi.

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