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Why Cory Booker's high school 'groping story' is getting new attention

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At age 15, Cory Booker once wrote, he tried to grope the breast of a girl who had given him "an overwhelming kiss" on New Year's Eve. She pushed his hand away once, and then he succeeded on his second try. Nothing more ensued.


Booker, now a Democratic U.S. senator from New Jersey, wrote about the incident as a student at Stanford University in a column taking aim at the campus culture of men trying to get women to sleep with them.


"I had begun listening to the raw truth from men and women discussing rape about two years ago as a peer counselor," Booker wrote. "The conversations were personal accounts, not rhetoric; they were real life, not dorm programing. It was a wake-up call -- I will never be the same."


Conservatives resurrected Booker's account on their websites and on social media after he defended Christine Blasey Ford, the Northern California research psychologist who claimed she was sexually attacked by U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh while both were in high school. 

It also got the attention of conservative columnists and commentators, including The Star-Ledger's Paul Mulshine.


"Do you not see the hypocrisy and double standard?" said Fox News Channel's Sean Hannity.






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