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White, and in the minority

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I can understand feeling intimidated by the fact nobody speaks English. But I just don’t understand why they don’t try to learn some Spanish themselves.  The cashier at my office cafeteria is from Guatemala and she’s so excited about her English classes, and enthusiatically asks me words all the time.  She writes them down on paper to study later. In turn, she answers my questions about Spanish, and just yesterday we showed each other our Duolingo apps on our phones. She is learning English and I’m trying to learn Spanish. 


The people who adapt will be the people who thrive. 



“In a country where whites will lose majority status in about a quarter-century, and where research suggests that demographic anxiety is contributing to many of the social fissures polarizing the United States, from immigration policy to welfare reform to the election of President Trump, the story of the coming decades will be, to some degree, the story of how white people adapt to a changing country. It will be the story of people like Heaven Engle and Venson Heim, both of whom were beginning careers on the bottom rung of an industry remade by Latinos, whose population growth is fueling that of America, and were now, in unusually intense circumstances, coming to understand what it means to be outnumbered.”

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