July 31, 2020, 7:42 PM CDT
By Shannon Pettypiece, Peter Alexander and Kristen Welker



The White House's attempts to message its way out of the coronavirus crisis with a ramped-up public safety campaign this month have run into a pair of internal roadblocks: A lack of dramatic, concrete policy actions to match the communications push — and a president who often struggles to follow the same talking point playbook as his team.


The administration is making a concerted local media push, with more than 200 interviews in current and emerging hot spots urging Americans to wear masks and avoid large gatherings, said a senior administration official. Behind the scenes, Dr. Deborah Birx has been pushing state and local governments to issue mask mandates and close bars, and a small task force has been formed inside the White House primarily focused on public messaging, the official said.


But there is currently no talk of a nationwide mask mandate, a call to resume shelter in place orders or a retreat on Trump's push for schools to reopen — moves many health experts have called for — the official said.


And the administration's messaging efforts often continue to be undercut by Trump and his allies.


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What a joke, the White House tries to message it's way out of the crisis and tRump keep going off script saying the exact opposite of what his 'managers' are trying to get him to say.  He praises nut-job kook doctors, promotes Hydroxychloroquine, and sends strangely mixed messages about wearing masks. tRump is an unmanageable nut-case and the coronavirus pandemic simply accentuates that.