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When the FEDERALIST calls fowl on Trumpster

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    That could possibly when the ignoblers and their nonsense bs. have finally gone too far.    Last week some dude decided to try and make the case that Republicans should revoke parts of the 14th Amendment.   



Are Republicans ready to become the party of Dred Scott? I ask because that’s what Michael Anton—a conservative intellectual, former Trump administration official, and fanatical supporter of the president—advocated in the Washington Post. Even worse, he implies that Trump should do it by executive fiat, in defiance of the Supreme Court.

This is not just intellectually and morally bankrupt. It would spell disaster for the Republican Party by making it de facto what the Democrats have long wanted it to be: the party of white people—and only white people.


    That is what we read here and how the ignoblers gather to raise hate about anyone who is not white.    


Well, the c/p was from the Federalist....perhaps the ignoblers here want to read and consider if they have too gone way too far over their skis, as just last week, they merely replied with tsk tsk when a group of US Neo-nazi groups ( aka Trump supporters) decided to align themselves with Russia.

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