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What's Your Take on People Traveling to Other Places (States) During this Extraordinary Time?

What's Your Take on People Traveling to Other Places (States) During this Extraordinary Time?

Seems many of us are under a "stay in place / essential travel/work  only"


Were/Are some states taking this too far?  I hear the ACLU has taken a stand.  Now states are targetting all travelers and not just those from NY.


Then you have that word that has many meanings to different people - "ESSENTIAL"

I am escaping to go to my other home in another state . . .

I am escaping because it is getting too difficult in my current state. . . .

I want to get closer to my family . . . .


USA TODAY 03/29/2020 - Coronavirus: Rhode Island forces all travelers from other states into self-qu... 


Rhode Island has repealed its quarantine order that applied only to those who traveled from the state of New York, broadening it to apply to all out-of-state travelers a day after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo threatened to sue.


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I think that we all should "shelter in place" and/or abide by whatever "stay at home" order our particular State has dictated.  And if there is no such demand in place, I think that we all should don a patriotic cape and muster up some common sense and do what is good for the nation -- ourselves and our neighbors.  Stay at home accept for "essential workers!"   And only go out for the getting of food and supplies, for  meeting the caretaking needs of extended "family,"  trips to the pharmacy for medication, doctor appointments, or the emergency room.


We need to do whatever we can to stay safe and to help rid ourselves of this plague.  Right now we really need do all we can to be "our brother's keeper" indeed!



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I'm one of those people with a second home in a different state.  The beaches are closed down so there is no reason to go.  I can self-isolate here just fine.  In fact, I probably have far more resources like decent Amazon delivery and Instacart delivery for groceries than I would at the beach.


I empathize with places where many own second homes.  And I'm sure Rhode Island has that problem.  The medical infrastructure is not designed to withstand potential surges in COVID cases among year-round residents.  They need to plan for their own population.  How will they deal with Corona tourists as well?  In Iran, people did the same thing and traveled to the Caspian Sea coast to escape the cities where infection rates were high, only to create a hotspot of infection on the coast as well. 


Now, if I thought my family would be safer at the beach, I would gladly go and put up with a 14-day quarantine when I got there, instead of here.   It's not a travel-ban per se, just a restriction on what you can do when you get there.  



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I believe destination states are more at risk. I'll be happier when all the snow birds go home. I also believe urban areas are definitely more at risk. 


Some Midwestern states are pretty low on the risk scale and that probably want to stay that way.  We (wife and I ) have a second home in TN and generally spend 2-3 months there in the spring and then a month or two later in the fall. It's a long hard one day drive, 800+ miles towing her vehicle.  Probably delay that this year. 

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