What is this Left wing advocacy I'm seeing in my email?

I FIRMLY object to being sent email with AARP endorsement of slamming Postal improvements.  Especially when there is an major election day in less than 100 days.




Where were all these concerns for the last 25+ years?  The USPS has been losing billions for years.  Just look at the history.  That's billions!   So now people are thinking these changes are a way to control the election.  That's the stupidest thing I can think of.


When it comes to politics the Dems have been throwing all kinds of money into the USPS without any expectation of getting the system fixed.  This is a known issue.  My father-in-law complained aboyt this for years before he retired from the USPS.  Money was dumped in and yet the entire organization never tried to improve.  NEVER!


Just look in your local neighborhoods.  For me, I am always missing important mail.  I get mail from people deeper in my neighborhood.  I have complained to the nearest post office, given them the mail to return and that same mail would end up in my mailbox again.  REALLY?  And I'm to think I can trust a system with a ballot.


I think not!


At least the current Postmaster General has a plan for getting the system fixed so that it won't suck up so many dollars.  He's a logistics expert for crying out loud.


I don't like it when a good group goes down a dark path of supporting some demagoguery that is counter to normal culture. 


Look AARP administration.  Straighten up.  If you want my money then you need to show me that you are worthy of my hard earned dollars.  I am not a paying member now because I joined reluctantly.  I did not like it when AARP endorsed ObamaCare.


Just that decision alone spoke volumes to me and others.  You don't have a clue about senior finances.  I do not want Socialized Medicine and being lied to about keeping my doctor.  Remember those famous words by a former president?


Look.  You have a chance to make AARP a great organization once again.  There are a lot of people like me out here who see through your current positions.


So right now this is strike two for you.  When you place the wrong foot in another place you should not step I will write this organization off and make a concerted effort to tell EVERY Senior I know to drop their membership and quit paying you.


Here's a hint.  You should be pushing your so called weight toward getting Social Security fixed.  THAT is what seniors need fixed.  Dems and Republicans are botching this.


Please restate your positions before your membership starts falling!


I hope you have respect enough for my words here to let others read them. 






Honored Social Butterfly

If you think kneecapping the USPS prior to an election with an unprecedented flood of mail in ballots due to the pandemic was a great idea then you are beyond reason. Anyway, my advice would be to go ahead and quit AARP..........................I'm sure the loss of your $16 membership will teach them a painful lesson. 🤣

Honored Social Butterfly

It's odd to me that a supposed reasonable adult would claim there's been a problem for 25+ years and seems to think this issue is so egregious that it MUST be addressed in the next month and it can't be partisan.

"FAKE 45 #illegitimate" read a sign at the Woman's March in DC, 1/27/2017
Honored Social Butterfly

Wanting to see what is convenient for the individual to see, is something that always amazed me.
Why not privatize the USPS? that is what many have wanted to do for years, but why do they want to see that.? I would really would like to know their real motives.?
They simply disregard tha problems that the USPS has had, and endured  in order to fight for their own survival as a service. Why do those people simply do not accept what it has been happening to the USPS for generations and why do they loose money? 
Instead of destroying another agency free of any of the malpractices that corrode many private bussiness, why not really taking a look on how to fix the problem?

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So many 'facts' without sourcing!  As a Dem, who had the pleasure of voting for McCain in the past, I bought in to the *Trust but Verify* concept years ago . . . and would really like to see ALL my GOP and Dem friends and colleagues buy in to that concept again . . . especially in light of soooooo many accusations, innuendi and 'faux facts' being thrown around.  Some say, "When it's my guy, he's innocent until proven guilty, but when it's your guy 'common sense' (who's and how common) should apply."  Now that, in light of a pending election, we are assessing promises.  Tell me, how are the promised payroll tax cuts going to impact Social Security and Medicare?  We were promised a detailed, comprehensive health care plan on Fox on July 17 within *two weeks* . . . and I'm still waiting, although to give the Administration the benefit of the doubt, they later said "around the end of August," . . . so there's still time.  But, pardon my skepticism, the touted reduction in prescription drug prices doesn't really seem to have *arrived* yet, and I'm a little concerned that the head of HHS (Social Security, Medicare & *the FDA*) WAS A CAREER PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY LOBBYEST!  As to the USPS, a new 'major donor' is a bit of a concern when an election is imminent, when due to the COVID many, such as myself, are particularly vulnerable and planning to vote by mail, AND when many, particularly fast and efficient mail handling devices are being eliminated.  With so much political noise surrounding us it's time to *take the time* and apply thoughtful analyses to the available data and information in discerning the TRUTH . . . ya' know what I mean, VERIFY!

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