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The coronavirus threat and Donald Trump's actions regarding this pandemic will be the subject of study for generations in the future. Regardless of how this turns out, this will be how the Trump presidency will be remembered. 


But what if the election results four years ago were different and Hillary Clinton had become President? How would she have dealt with this coronavirus threat? My answer is that her actions would be radically different than Donald Trump's. Here is how I believe she (or a competent President) would have acted. 


This virus was identified in China in December 2019 and is formally called the COVID-19 virus. Coronavirus is a generic term for a family of viruses including the virus that causes the common cold. It was on December 31 that it was reported that many people in Chiina were being treated for pneumonia like symptoms in Wuhan, a large city ininterior China. China reported its first death from this illness on January 11. 


On Januray 20, other countries including the United States had confirmed cases of the COVID-19. The first case confirmed in the United States was a man in Washington state who had recently returned from a visit to Wuhan China. Also cases were reported in Japan, South Korea and Thailand. 


On January 23, the city of Wuhan China with more than 11 million inhabitants was cut off by Chinese authorities. No travel into or out of Wuhan was permitted and the city was placed on lockdown. 


On January 30 the World Health Organization declareda global health emergency. The State Department warned travelers to avoid travel to China. 


On January 31, the President ordered entry into the United States of any foreign nationals who had traveled to China in the previous 14 days banned excluding immediate family members of American citizens and permanent residents of the United States. 


Read more on the timeline at this link: 


I bring this up because the timeline is important in that by the end of January the United States and the President were aware of the threat posed by the coronavirus. 


Mind that the first confirmed case of coronavirus in the United States was on January 20, more than ten days before Trump's ban on flights from China. 


As soon as the WHO declared a global health emergency, I believe that had Hillary Clinton become President instead of Trump; she would have gone in front of the nation in a prime time broadcast outlining the scope of the problem. The CDC was aware of the potential threat to the United States and actually had a response team in place, but Trump had disbanded it in 2018. I believe that had Hillary Clinton become President that team would have been in place with a set of recommendations and actions to take to mitigate the threat to the country. I also believe that Hillary Clinton would have outlined what was needed and encouraged all Americans to "do their part" to prevent the spread of this virus. 


I also believe that instead of a weak ban on certain people entering the United States from China; that Hillary Clinton would have ordered that all passengers, including American citizens as well as foreign nationals on incoming flights from overseas be screened and tested upon arrival. Should anyone on that flight test positive, then all passengers on that flight would be placed in a mandatory 14 day quarantine. No exceptions or excuses. 


I also believe that a competent President early on would have ordered that all government personnel not travel overseas until this coronavirus threat is over and that they could conduct business on line. She would have banned all but one way overseas travel by Americans and asked travel companies and airlines to credit or refund any deposits. Also, any American citizens overseas wishing to return back to the United States must do so immediately if possible and that they would be subject to testing and possible quarantine upon arrival in the United States. 


Then a competent President would have stockpiled testing kits as well as ventialtors and protective equipment. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Then a competent President would have asked that Americans avoid large gatherings and if they showed any signs of sickness, to get tested right away and self quarantine. There would be enough test kits and that anyone showing signs of sickness be tested right away as well as anyone at a higher risk. In addition anyone who had traveled overseas and in particularly China be tested as well. 


She might have said that if these early steps didn't prevent the disease from spreading that more stringent measures would be forthcoming such as suspending the NBA and NHL seasons as well as the NCAA tournament plus Broadway shows and any other gatherings where more than 100 people would be gathered. Then, if that failed to stop the spread of this virus, extreme measures would be implemented such as closing restaurants, bars, health clubs, barber shops, beauty parkors, nail salons and other "non essential" businesses would follow. 


This might have scared the bejesus out of lots of people, but would have impressed most people about the potential threat and severity of the coronavirus. The time to do that was in late January or early Feburary before the spread of the coronavirus got out of control. 


But the point is that Hillary Clinton had many years experience as first lady, Senator and Secretary of State. She would have recognized the threat posed by this coronavirus early on instead of making light of it like Donald Trump did until March when it was out of control.


Call it complacency. Call it incompetence. But the United States was caught flat footed on this coronavirus pandemic and now we have a full fledged national emergency that has shut down the economy and brought on a recession that may be severe. 


BTW, here is a timeline of Trump's actions and responses to the coronavirus threat through March 17. Judge for yourself. But I believe that a President Hillary Clinton would have acted much differently and the country would be better off right now. 



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Call it complacency. Call it incompetence. But the United States was caught flat footed on this coronavirus pandemic and now we have a full fledged national emergency that has shut down the economy and brought on a recession that may be severe. 


I agree with that, say what you want about Hillary Clinton but she is an OCD policy nerd.


She is a focused and detailed policy thinker.


While she is after all just one person,  I have no doubt she would have had a team of competent bureaucrats around her that she listened to. Hillary would have listened to and understood the intelligence briefings that were coming out of China in December and January, Hillary would have had the pandemic response team on board in those briefings.


I don't think we could have kept this virus out, no one in the world has been able to do that, but I do believe she would have mitigated the impact with her leadership.


Now we have just allocated 2.2 Trillion dollars to try to stave off a recession / depression. I'm reading in the Washington Post this morning ( 3-26) that probably won't be enough.


This is the price we're paying for forty years of Moral Majority / Fox News / Those New York Liberals  / Benghazi politics.


The things that could have been.


What do you call that?


Rumination of the past?











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Maybe I'm dense and math was never my strong suit. Would someone kindly give me a hint as to where we're getting $2.2 trillion to toss at the economy?


Last I heard the National Debt was skyrocketing and we're working with record-breaking budget deficits;


The Republican Party was kind enough to inform us they cannot project a balanced the budget in next 8 years and that was before the virus.


Trump was a horrible president when all he had to complain about was a wall that no one's spared a thought for in weeks.


Now we have real problems. He's one of them.













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I have a what if...


What if the GOP had told to the President of the United States that he had to stop lying, race baiting and fear mongering in his first two months in office or they wouldn't vote for his pet projects?


What if the GOP hadn't betrayed everything they once stood for including this country? What happened? Lindsey Graham knew exactly what Trump was during the campaign and said so in no uncertain terms. Now he's a sycophant. Why? What happened to the Republican Party? I don't understand. My father was a Republican all his life and I respected that. What if he could see the GOP now?


Donald Trump is a spoiled elitest born with a million dollar binky who lived in NYC all his life. Ivy League educated to boot. Exactly what Trumpettes claim to despise. It's nothing short of Orwellian doublethink.


3 years ago I thought I had a fair grasp of this country's strengths and weaknesses. I barely recognize the place now.







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But what if the election results four years ago were different and Hillary Clinton had become President?



I think it's safe to predict that while we may not have had zero cases, we wouldn't be in this predicament while she rage tweets and preens in front of the camera for hours.

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This is where her being a hard *** would come in handy.   This is not for the wishy-washy leaders out there.


Trump should just put Maryland Governor Hogan in charge.  🙂   He impresses me more every day.  We are in a tight, but not total, shut down.   Essessential services and industries still work.  The National Guard has been activated.  Police are enforcing gatherings of fewer than 10 people.  Schools are closed til April 24 (and I personally think they will be closed the rest of the year).  He has put an economic package together, ready to help out small businesses and individuals who cannot work because of public health restrictions.  He's opening up closed hospitals.  He's activated 5,000 volunteer health care workers.  He's expedited the renewal or approval of expired or pending health care licenses.  He's well-informed (which means he's listening to the smart people who are experts in their respective fields), he's organized, and he's not afraid to make the tough decisions.  

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I realize that on Monday morning everyone is an expert on how the game should have been played, especially if your team lost. But this is not a football game where another game will be played next Sunday. 


When Americans elect a President, we are electing the person who will be leading the country for the next four years. The President is the one person that every American looks to for leadership. No one knows in advance what crises will face any President and if history tells us anything, it is the future is unpredicable and anything could and often does happen. Could anyone in 1940 have predicted that the Japanese would attack Pearl Harbor? Could anyone in 2000 have predicted the September 11 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States? Could anyone in 1928 have predicted the stock market crash in 1929 and the ensuing great depression that followed? 


How the President acts in the time of a crisis is of ultimate importance and makes history, good or bad. Some Presidents achieve greatness by showing leadership in times of crisis. While others are relegated to the ranks of the mediocre and mostly forgotten by history. 


IMHO, Donald Trump's actions as President to this coronavirus threat have only made the matter worse and exacerbated the problem. Now his urging to unlock the economy by Easter is bordering on the irresponsible. Sure, I would like to see that happen. I would like to attend an Easter service and have a nice dinner with my family. But i also realize that probably will not happen this year. I had to cancel a vacation trip in April because of this coronavirus threat. I really wanted to go on that trip. Several events I had scheduled and even paid for have either been cancelled or postponed. 


But opening the economy prematurely would only guarantee that this virus will return with a vengence later this year and potentially cause greater harm to the nation. One doesnt venture outside when the calm eye of a hurricane passes over because people know that the other side of the hurricane will come with even more destruction. We know to never go outside until the storm has passed and it is safe to venture outside. 


As far as I am concerned, Donald Trump should just shut up and we should be listening to Dr. Anthony Fauci, who actually knows what he is talking about. 

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