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Wearing a mask makes me feel weak

I find wearing a facemask emasculating. The majority of face masks are considered women's clothing accessories. As a man, I have no desire to wear women's clothing. It is embarrassing and associates me with something I am not.

Imagine if the government decided to mandate men to wear hijabs. No way.

There is no way I am wearing a face mask under any circumstance. It is against my culture.

“Trump masquerades as an angel of light, but he is the father of lies”
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Another angle...if you wish not to take precautions or protect yourself from others, that is one thing. But I, and others, would ask you to wear a mask to help you from spreading the virus to Us!

That’s being courteous, considerate, and being preventative. 

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Newsflash, the mask doesn't even prevent you from getting the virus. It gives you a false sense of safety much like a cross walk




The mask lessens the chance that you will pass the virus onto others. Not wearing one shows that you are a weak person who is so afraid of appearing weak that you will willingly put others in peril.

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Moscow45:  There is no way I am wearing a face mask under any circumstance. It is against my culture.


If you go to a construction site, you must wear a helmet. If you tour a factory, you must wear eye protection. If you drive a car, you must wear a seatbelt. The face mask is to keep your germs to yourself in case you contract Covid-19. 

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