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Re: We’re Winning, They’re Losing, Here’s Why

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And the “name calling” continues!


Yes, we are winning, part of the evidence is the amount of insane behavior on display by those who dislike the President as a man.


Stay tuned, more winning is on the way!




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We’re Winning, They’re Losing, Here’s Why

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Winning? Only from the alternate reality perception of Trump Cult members.


  • America is divided more than I ever saw in my lifetime
  • Zero significant policies coming out of a White House and Congress controlled completely by Republicans.
  • A huge mistake in dropping out of the TPP, leaving 40% of the world's economy to fall under the leadership of China
  • Alienating the world by dropping out of the Paris Climate Accord
  • No tax reform, no infrastructure upgrades, no health care reform from an All Republican government
  • Trump Cult members attack gold star parents, a war hero like John McCain, former heads of the FBI, and anyone else who speaks out against their hero.
  • The worst role model I ever saw in an American President
  • White Nationalist policies which will bring us back to the dark days of the 1930s
  • White Nationalists working in the White House
  • A U.S. President describing our free and independent press as an enemy of the people

Decent Americans do not want the type of country I described above.

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Honored Social Butterfly

We’re Winning, They’re Losing, Here’s Why

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Power is shifting away from the liberal media and the left-wing popular culture

by Craig Shirley and Andrew Shirley | Updated 18 Oct 2017 at 7:31 AM


Donald Trump’s presidential victory broke many things. It broke the illusion of the infallible statisticians. It broke the two most prominent political dynasties in America by defeating both Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.


It broke the very unspoken maxims of decorum thought necessary to become president. It may even break his own party (it’s already changed it). But of all the things that it broke, none has been more remarkable or resounding than the shattering of modern liberalism. It’s not just his win, but the new culture it has created.


Marsha Blackburn’s victory over Twitter is significant. A principled conservative stood her ground and bludgeoned a liberal corporation into submission. Both MSNBC and CNN are scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of viewers, many of whom speak in grunts and obscene gestures rather than declarative sentences, as liberal writer Lionel Trilling once penned about conservatives.


The stock market, which tried for eight years to commit suicide under Obama, is now roaring ahead, adding billions to Americans portfolios and retirement plans, just as it used to under Ronald Reagan. This alone should qualify Trump for a Nobel Prize in Economics for making future life more comfortable for millions of Americans. Compassionate conservative indeed.


In the 1980s under Reagan, a phrase was coined: "Everything that is supposed to be going up is going up and everything that is supposed to be going down is going down." Once again, that phrase is resonating. Meanwhile, power is shifting from the corrupt liberal media to the ethical conservative media. Ask yourself, if you got simultaneous phone calls from Mark Levin and Dan Balz, the liberal reporter for The Washington Post, whose call would you take first?


Indeed, all of the mainstream has taken a hit. Ask yourself, when was the last time you watched network news? You can't even name the newsreaders, can you? In the old days, they rolled off your tongue; Walter Cronkite, John Chancellor and Peter Jennings, or David Brinkley. Meanwhile, Fox, OAN, Newsmax and Sinclair continue to gobble up more and more of news consumers' time.

Books? Talk radio? Forget it.


Conservative books and conservative talk continue to dominate the intellectual marketplace. It used to be a truism that a countervailing force existed in American culture and politics. That is, when Democrats dominated national politics, conservative thought emerged, and when Republicans dominated national politics, liberal thought emerged. No longer. Now Republicans dominate national politics and the national discourse.


Today, the liberal universities that once called for "free expression" and "peace" across the country now call for censoring "hurtful speech" and are violently attacking speakers for saying things they don't agree with. The students who once resolutely fought George Bush on his pre-emptive war against Iraq are now attacking and silencing dissenters in the name of "pre-emptive" self-defense. It appears they've taken the "liber" out of liberalism.


As a result, higher education has been exposed as an expensive clown show, a gathering of ignorant fools who teach political correctness, but nothing else correctly. Enrollment is dropping across the board, and donations have been drying up. Meanwhile, enrollment at respectable colleges such as Hillsdale and Liberty is skyrocketing.


Opposition to abortion is growing and has been for years, especially among the young. Washington, which was once seen as a Golden City and perfect city during the liberal halcyon days of the New Deal and Great Society, is now seen as a corrupt cesspool of human garbage by the American people. So too are liberal corporations such as Facebook and Amazon, Facebook for a lack of ethics and Amazon for antitrust violations.


In its ideal most romantic and principled state, liberals once fought the constraints of a society that dictated what a man could be or what a country could be. Their thesis was to argue down every institution of society that "imposed" itself on the people because the resulting freedom of expression, equality, justice, and thought would lead to greater ideas and ideals that will make for a better nation and planet. Now, the militant Left wants to impose its will on everything, including forcing Americans to admit that two plus two equals five.


In no way did the reality of liberalism consistently live up to those lofty ambitions, though. For example, the constant rationalization and romanticizing of brutalist states like the Soviet Union, Cuba, Maoist China, and North Vietnam undermined its very pillars, but the core beliefs still brought cohesion to seemingly diverse groups. That core's last hurrah was a halfhearted rally behind Hillary Clinton, not the first choice of many but she was the candidate, and the various progressive elements did their best to mobilize. When she collapsed, the core of liberalism collapsed with her.


Hillary's loss shook the party from an extended stay in a fantasy land, where the loss of over a thousand legislative seats over the previous eight years were all peripheral concerns and short-term setbacks to the inevitable liberal hegemony. When the party woke from that fantasy, they found a base in outright revolt and a leadership pool all but depleted.


The best it could do was to elect as Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez, a foul-mouthed man too moderate for liberals and too liberal for moderates. Since then the DNC has lost every national special election this year despite promises of a new party. The truth is that there is no recognized leadership coming from the DNC, and even if there were, people have stopped listening. Instead they embraced, seemingly, new tactics and seek victory through less ... diplomatic means.


Back in July, psychologist Lisa Barrett asserted that speech is tantamount to violence. In her own words: "If words can cause stress, and if prolonged stress can cause physical harm, then it seems that speech — at least certain types of speech — can be a form of violence."


On the heels of this liberal professor, Mark Bray wrote the "Antifa Handbook," a hagiography of "Antifa" which celebrates violence against anyone that Antifa defines as Fascist. The author nakedly states that this group is no longer a liberal group because it has "pre-emptively shut down fascist organizing efforts" with violence. These two deeply disturbed mentalities have synthesized on college campuses and, channeled through a rationalized media, have produced a perfect storm of violence and hatred.






Yes, we are winning!







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