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We now know that Donald is really weakM

    Donald is now attempting to cover every initiative and EO as a national security issue. 


    The possible War in Iraq postponed.     aybe those boats carrying "weapons" are not quite what the Saudi PR team prepared.   And just for fun - the claim ( syria used chemical warfare)  that Donald used to send the mother of All bombs to Syria has been proven false - aka the Colin Powell experiment.

     Border - wall not being built - but children are really some sort of national threat, while parents in the US refuse to vaccinate their own children.    More on children:   Navy is failing its own members and does not have a sufficient number of child care facilities so that Navy bases can operate 24 /7    oh but wait, Donald wants to add up to 200K more children to military bases

     China tariffs that will be magically paid by China - well except for WalMart Shoppers.   Ironically and satirical, Iron production in China is doing just fine as Brazil is hit with infrastructure failures that have already killed >200 people, so Donald has no ally.

     Auto Tariffs in EU are temporarily delayed - could it be because the EU is now ignoring Donald's threats and are building against him

     His Israeli solution is being mocked - by everyone, even Israeli's.   

        The world is taking note and are not going to listem to  him and his team.    


        And I didn't even mention the Mike Flynn tapes and redacted information that will soon be public.  

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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