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We Aren't The Only Country That Has Problems With Some Statues

AP 07/30/2020 - New statues stoke sensitivity between South Korea, Japan 


And these aren't old statues - these haven't even had an unveiling ceremony.  But they do involve history - But I like the meaning and title -


“The man represents anyone in a position of responsibility who could sincerely apologize to the victims of sexual slavery, now or in the future. ... That’s why the statues were named ‘Eternal Atonement"


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Perhaps, but we ARE the only country where people get upset because they can no longer glorify SLAVERY, and the traitors who fought to PRESERVE IT!

Honored Social Butterfly

History neither glorifies nor condemns... it teaches.

Libs are nuttier than squirrel poop
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@Fishslayer777 wrote:

History neither glorifies nor condemns... it teaches.

You are correct about history. Here is what teaches us about the far right over time. Kings were far right and they ruled as Dictators and killed anyone they wanted. Most wars were started by the far right to settle disputes they had with other far right leaders. The USA was founded by our founders breaking away from the far right King of England, and allowing some of the citizens making up the USA to govern themselves. The Civil War was set in place by the far right to  preserve slavery which is the worst form of far right Gov. WW1 was a war started by the far right as a dispute between far right Governments (Democracies were just being formed). WW2 was between afar right Hitler and democracies. Korean War was between Far right N.Korea and democratic leaning SK with Dictatorship China, and democracy US joining in. Trump is far right and history has taught us the far right hurts and kills. 

Glad to see you are no longer far right. My advice is stay middle now. Biden is middle.

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