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Walk Away Campaign receives 85,000 commitments this week

Looks like the extremists of the demoncrats are driving moderate democrats away in droves. Go figure... didn't see that one coming. Lol


Rally in Baltimore coming up! OK moderate dems, your time to shine and be heard. Don't let the insanity of the left drown you out! 


Let your next words be... "I once was a liberal...."

Libs are nuttier than squirrel poop
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the "radical" left cannot hold a candle compared to the current hard radical right which is destroying our democracy. Go figure! Ooops!!
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Honored Social Butterfly

I detect the unmistakable aroma of AstroTurf.


Strange that these self proclaimed former liberals spout 100% Republican BS to explain why they "walked away", and the reasons include opposition to racial equality, claims that exposing tRump's insanity must come from hatred instead of reasoned assessment and a totally unexplained assertion that somehow LGBTQ must abandon the party that fought AND WON for their inclusion in laws that protect minorities from hate crimes.


It's as if this is just an extension of the GOPerLord scam claiming the Republican Party STILL belongs to Lincoln instead of Limbaugh. Wait, not "as if",  IS. No cigar for the GOPerLords - so sad.

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