Honored Social Butterfly


Why did the historic base of the Democratic Party become the rock-solid base of tRumpism?


IMHO, the answer is because elected Democrats stopped paying attention to what was happening to "working class" - actually the bottom 90% - of Americans.


First, a bit of history. The RAND Corporation - America's original "Think-Tank" was founded by Herman Kahn the foremost futurist of the 1950's and 60's and author of "On Thermonuclear War" which provided a clear picture of the probable results of such a conflict, and caused a major shift in the strategic thinking of both the US and USSR, moving them toward means of AVOIDING such an unwinnable War. In short, the group has some serious credibility.


RAND continues to be a totally unbiased source of strategic thinking, unlike Heritage Foundation and CATO Institute which were founded solely to find rational arguments in support of Republican/Conservative dogma and continue on this course today.


What RAND did recently was analyze the last 45 years (1975-2010) and found that the bottom 90% of American workers SHOULD be bringing home an additional $2.5TRILLION every year in income and other economic gains if the productivity gains those workers made were rewarded as they had been in the 45 years BEFORE the study (1930-1975).


As shown in the study, the taxable income of the average American, currently around $50,000 SHOULD be between $92,000 and $102,000, and the stolen income is not limited to the bottom 90%. The folks in the 91st to 99th percentile SHOULD be making an average of $162,000 instead of $133,000 as they are today.


Where did all that stolen income go? To the top 1%, whose AVERAGE taxable income is now OVER $1,200,000. If the distribution of income gains we had from 1930 to 1975 had continued 1975-2010, the average for the top 1% would be around $445,000.


So how did the top 1% manage to pick the pockets of the bottom 99%? Simple - they have ALWAYS been the ones who decide how the PROFITS of the business are divided, but until the Reagan Taxscams of 1981 and 1985, if the top 1% gave THEMSELVES all the profits, THEY COULD NOT KEEP IT! They were already in the top Marginal Rate bracket for Federal Income tax, and every dollar they gave themselves would see 70 cents go the Federal taxes and another nickle go for state and local taxes, so COULD NOT KEEP WHAT THEY GAVE THEMSELVES. They hate their workers, but they hate Government more, so they gave virtually all the increase in profits to the ones who created it, the workers. The workers were able to save 10% of their gross income (current figure is less than 1% on average) and the rest they SPENT, which drove the economy forward at a rate of 4-6% every year, which increased profits which raised everybody's income - including the Corporate Oligarchs who did the dividing of profits!


It is so simple: If you have one of your kids divide the dessert, you let ANOTHER kid pick his/her share FIRST. The one dividing made certain the distribution for all the slices was FAIR AND EQUAL because that made his share fair and equal. This basic rule of human nature does not change with age. From 1930 to 1975, the ones dividing the profits COULD NOT KEEP THE MONEY FOR THEMSELVES, so they divided it equally and got a little richer every year.


Until Democrats get this FACT across, and repeal the Reagan Tax Scams, the workers of America are going to know one thing - their real wages are going DOWN, and NOBODY IN GOVERNMENT CARES, so they will continue to support any demagog who PROMISES to reform the system/drain the swamp, and the GOPerLords have a pretty firm hold on that bit of dogma.

Honored Social Butterfly


Another really good post which make the connections and results of the recent 

history of republicans steering personal incomes towards the wealthy.
Are many people subject to always following a pied piper, or just continue to hope and then have politicians lie to them about improving their lives. 
And for the greedy, how much is enough. Do they really desire a nation of haves and have doesn’t seem to be wanting others to have a quality lifestyle!

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