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We are sexist, we are racist, and we oppress many. It’s just more out in the open now. The foundation of our nation was built using the enslaved labor of black people, and stealing land from Native Americans as we attempted to commit both physical and cultural genocide against them. 


Hiding it doesn’t make it go away or change history.  It just makes white people feel better. 


The only moral stance, IMO, to expose and dismantle our social and economic inequities. Failure to actively do that is akin to condoning it. 



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I have stated this before and no one in this message board has agreed with me. but now I am hearing candidates actually express what I have said in this message board  before.  Trump is us.  he is a symptom of the society that we have become.
We in this society have gone thru an over whelming change in our moral compass. and i truly believe it has started with the  dummy of America that we have all seen. in our school system   and  in our TV programming with all those reality programs.

We used to not accept a lot of moral issues that we now do. and that has been and has become a dangerous precedent to what is happening to us today.

 I am not going to name the issues. because we all know them. but some have been exaggerated and may have been taken out of proportion.

The Me Too movement, a great movement that has changed a lot in our culture, has also created the dangerous precedent of having many women accuse men for no other reason that in many cases their 15 minutes of fame.Most of the case that we are all aware of have been true. but others like recently the Mario Batali case have been on TV  the charges against him have been dismissed because of lack of evidence. in the meanwhile  his life has been disrupted to no end. We need to pay attention and be very careful with any of these charges.

Now, the racist issue. I have stated in this message board that the uS is a very racist country. and have had numerous posts and discussions on this subject.  and now I truly believe that we are going overboard in many cases.

We are yes a racist society, and many other countries in my view are also. but we need to reach a center and be more careful when we accuse anyone of  being racist.

I have stated, that now many of the reasons that Trump has followers is that there  are groups in this country that consider that having a President, that can appoint judges that suit their mentality, Judges that will be of their liking and Tax laws that are beneficial to them is a very strong inducement in their following of Trump and can easily dismiss any of the other issues that we have sen with this President. like  being a serial adulterer, a 24/7 liar, and a person that acts like an Autocrat and that may have colluded with our enemies or seem to like them a lot.

But we need to examine our morality of today. and see where we are failing. There needs to be a change in the things that we are willing to accept. and then go from there.


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