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I was sad to learn it took an ace reporter like Woodward to expose Trumps lies and denials.

I was sad to learn that the Economic Adviser to the President attacked Anthony Fauci.

I was sad to learn that the HHS took over the narrative from the CDC

I was glad to learn the nut job who did it is on a leave of absence.

I was sad to learn that the US is 4% of the population, and 21% of fatalities in the world.

I was sad to learn that Dr Birx was sent out to the field, and no longer does press conferences.

I was sad to learn that Trump thought bleach injections would help, as well as hydroclorquine.

I was sad to learn of 200,000 deaths in the USA, whose souls Trump refuses to memorialize.

I was sad to learn of RGB s dying wish will not be acknowledged by Trump.

I am sad that the White House thinks they are medical experts on infectious disease.


I am happy that Trump will soon go away, America is way greater than he could ever be.

Honored Social Butterfly

   I agree!


   To send that man back to his golf courses,  DEMS must vote and demonstrate that we know his words are rhetoric of fear - fear OF US, the voters who have registered others, the voters who have educated and assisted others on how to Become a Registered Voter and how to apply for a Vote by Mail ballot and how to assure that their ballot is received by the Election Department in their locale and counted.


    Donald is counting on fear and ignorance.    The ignorance is part of the RW / Far Right machine that hopes to threaten all Dems.    NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.


    I hope that every DEM here (and all their contacts) who live in "red" states, call their elected officials at every level and demand that they tell you what they are going to do to make sure all the ballots ( ie theirs if they are running for re-election) are going to be counted.

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
Honored Social Butterfly

I agree with both of you!

And let’s add another...trump claims that he is a mental genius, knows all the answers, and overrides Medical authorities...on a personal level, would you go to trump to get a medical check up, get a diagnosis, fill a prescription, or receive medical advice from?

Probably not...except that trump supporters probably would! 

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