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WE Are not Electing a Pastor in Chief

Fallwell's  famous  words. We  are not electing a pastor in chief. we are electing a Commander in chief.
And with those words the head of the Evangelicas have condonde the immoralities of Trump
What  he forgot to tell his flock. is that a Commander in chief  is supposed to have the morals of a pastor in chief.
I have posted many times that Trump is the representation of those who follow him. and now we have seen that this man that apparently has led his flock to look the other way as long as they are content with what is given to them  and simply disregards the lies, the cheat and everything else that we have seen done by this Commander in chief.
Hoping that now many will realize that they have been led by a false prophet and they need to take a good look at themselves and make the choices of their own morality that they need to make.
Yes when we elect a Commander in chief. that man has to have the morals of a Pastor in chief because our lives depend on that.

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@Roxanna35 wrote:

Fallwell's  famous  words. We  are not electing a pastor in chief. we are electing a Commander in chief.

To the contrary unless one is a member of the Armed Forces we are electing a President.  The President is defined by the Constitution as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, not of the country.


There is no criteria about the morals of the President.  Our lives depend upon him/her carrying out the constitutional requirements of the office.  That alone is a reason not to vote for Trump

Honored Social Butterfly

@TxGrandpa2    As a military man that has served  this country for many years. I  thank you for your post. and your service

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