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Video Shows - Cop Shoots Man in Face; Plants Knife

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An off-duty officer shot a man in the face. Then he dropped an object at the scene, video shows.


New York police Sgt. Ritchard Blake had made it clear: The man he had shot in the face on a Brooklyn street while off-duty was a threat, he latertold police.


But a surveillance camera perched over a sidewalk that captured the incident has complicated the picture of what exactly led Blake to shoot Thavone Santana early Thursday and suggested an effort to plant a weapon to frame him.


The video, without audio and published first by NBC New York, shows 21-year-old Santana approaching Blake from behind. A conversation ensues and appears to grow more tense. Blake, 40, backs up, pulls out a handgun and positions himself in a shooting stance.


NBC’s video freezes as Santana braces for a shot, leaving out the two shots that Blake fires at Santana, striking him once in the chin.




Blake paces back and forth, then appears to pat down Santana’s pockets. He then appears to take a sheathed knife from his own back pocket, the New York Times reported, slides it from its sheath and drops it next to Santana’s crumpled body. He then pauses for a moment and retrieves the knife, the video shows.


The New York Police Department said Thursday that Santana was in stable condition.

“The video captures actions that raise serious questions and require further investigation,”


Detective Sophia Mason, a department spokeswoman,  told The Washington Post in a statement. Blake was placed on administrative duty, the department said. The Times reported that he was stripped of his badge and service weapon.


The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, which is investigating the incident, was at the scene shortly after the shooting, a spokesman told The Post.


more at:  An off-duty officer shot a man in the face. Then he dropped an object at the scene, video shows.

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