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Vets post video on Toad's support of Russia


Seems some of our service personnel have noticed Toad's fidelity to Vlad the Stumpy and are NOT amused how ToadPOTUS "has their back" while they fight, bleed and die for jrbush's LIES.

Video is on YouTube - "Veterans Group Deems Trump a Traitor." - check it out for a nice compilation of Trump's behavior as Commander In Chief.

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VoteVets has been known to release advertisements that are factually false or misleading.


One of the most notable examples of this was a 2006 ad claiming, which “falsely [accused] Republicans of voting against body armor for troops.” According to Brooks Jackson, director of the generally left-leaning FactCheck project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center, the ad “was one of the most blatantly false ads of the fall season.”

In the 2016 election VoteVets PAC spent over $1 million in combined funds supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton and opposing Republican Donald Trump for President.

In 2016, VoteVets PAC spent over $7.5 million on independent expenditures opposed to Republican candidates and over $1.5 million in support of Democratic candidates.


Here is a VoteVets Ad attacking Republican John McCain...



Here VoteVets attack Republican Congresswoman Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire. Ayotte was chosen by Senator John McCain to deliver a Bible reading at his memorial service in Washington D.C. on September 1, 2018...



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Tom said, "Trump is a traitor and guilty of treason!!!"


The above is true, but they are not saying that in Trump World. What are they saying?

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Honored Social Butterfly

Trump is a traitor and guilty of treason!!!
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