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Uh Oh, Joe: Even PA Voters Know You're Full of Crap When It Comes to Fracking

Uh Oh, Joe: Even PA Voters Know You're Full of Crap When It Comes to Fracking



Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are two unlikable candidates on the 2020 Democratic ticket, who have refused to answer whether they’ll pack the Supreme Court and have been caught lying regarding fracking. Energy issues are key in a state like Pennsylvania, which Biden has to retake this November if he has a shot of winning the presidency. With an anti-fracking stance, he may find conquering the Keystone State to be all but impossible. Natural gas has been great to Pennsylvania and the local economy. Both candidates have declared they will ban it. We have the receipts. We have the videos. On Biden’s campaign website, it says he supports the Green New Deal, which kills fracking. It also bans the internal combustion engine, but that’s for another time.


The point is that Pennsylvania voters know where both of you stand, guys. You’re not going to lie your way through this, and even if you didn’t want to ban it—you’re stuck. You’d owe too big a debt to the environmental left to do nothing on this. You’d have to subject scores of American families to economic destitution.







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Well, lookee there. Biden is polling ahead of Trump by 7 points.  Fake news again? 

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@Richva wrote:

Well, lookee there. Biden is polling ahead of Trump by 7 points.  Fake news again? 

RealClear Politics showing the same thing.

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Oh my gosh!!!!


Another false narrative from a writer for TOWNHALL, one of the few remaining DEBUNKED MEDIA outlets used by the right.


The best they do on reporting is MOSTLY FALSE.


Most of the time they are PANTS ON FIRE false.


You'd think that those that use this MINUSCULE circle of DEBUNKED RESOURCES would eventually attempt to find legitimate resources from which to source their material but they can't.......


The legitimate resources won't print false and misleading information, they actually verify what they print.


It is sad to watch, as Trump loses popularity, that those that have followed him are grasping at straws, trying to relive the Hillary campaign, trying to relive the Obama years, trying to blame the disaster called TRUMP on everything but TRUMP.


It is sad.

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Didn’t trump promise that new steel mills were going to be built? Haven’t heard anything on that item for awhile. Seeing how Pennsylvania has been known as steel country. 

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Here we go again. Another article by a far right web browser, in a far right propaganda publication being used as fact. You can not do that. This is a distraction article to keep people from seeing Trump get worse every day. 

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lets see Trump has rolled back at least 38 environmental regulations that protect our air and water. Ooops!
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Golly geewiz Mr jimc - how come Joe's ahead by 7% as is the Democratic candidate for Senate and most of the folks running for House seats in Pennsylvania?


Could it be the good people of Pennsylvania stopped watching Fox and listening to H8Radio, and are simply tired of being lied to and screwed over in favor of the 1% by the Republican Party?


Perhaps there are more people who no longer have drinking water than are getting rich from fracking.

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