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U.S./Mexico Reaching Deal for Handling Asylum Seekers


The Mexican government has reached a deal with the Trump administration that would require asylum seekers at the Southern border to wait in Mexico while their claims are processed in U.S. courts, the Washington Post reported Saturday.


The Post, which quoted Mexican officials and senior members of President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s transition team, reported the agreement would break with long-standing asylum rules and place a "formidable new barrier" for migrants from Central America attempting to reach the United States.


The Post said the plan was dubbed "Remain in Mexico."


The Post reported that asylum applicants at the border would have to remain in Mexico while their cases were processed through U.S. courts.

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@Roxanna35 wrote:

Yes it is wrong. you don't come to any country because of your personal  benefits or advantages. you come because you want to live in this country, assimilate into the American country, raise your family in this country as Americans.   If you cannot deal with that yes,  do not come.

I agree.  Those that come here because of economic reasons don't really care about assimilating in the country being mostly interested in money.  And they send most of that 'home'.   They don't take time to learn our customs, laws nor language, remaining citizens of their native country.


There was an instance in my wife's family where this individual and another relative fled from Vietnam with others in a boat, made it to Hong Kong where he stayed in an UN refugee camp.  He fled claiming persecution, but this was after the country settled down a lot.  I filed paperwork offering to sponsor him, even enlisting our Senator's (Lloyd Bentsen) help, but he had already filed for refugee status.


After over many months there, he volunteered to return.  He and others in the family opened up a good business which made him well off financially.  We found out that he wasn't being persecuted as he claimed.   


My personal opinion is that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees should vet these migrants first and then turn their results over to our Immigration people to decide whether to further investigate of whether to admit them or not. That would cut down on those knocking at our door.



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I note that there is none from the liberal side who has made any comments about how the administration is attempting to solve the situation in a humane manner.  In any event doubt if any comments would be favorable.  Guess it takes some wind out of their sails.

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@TxGrandpa2 wrote:

@john258 wrote:

You better read what is happening in Mexico on CA border. Looks like the Mexicans there will be against the deal. The local Mexican Officials have requested UN help and funding as they say their own Govt. is doing nothing for them. On a problem like this you have to look at the full problem not just parts.

I am fully aware of what is happening in Tijuana.  I believe this deal is still being worked out.  It is a step in the right direction and as the articles say, there is a chance that these migrants might want to find employment while waiting and give up banking on asylum.


Of course a good many are coming here for the big bucks they plan to make.  If they were indeed fleeing from persecution they would have already accepted Mexico's offer of residency and job permits.

You surely wouldn't have a chip on your shoulder and carrying the countries flag that you are claiming persecuted you.

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