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U.S. Intel says Russia going to meddle in elections again...

came as no surprise to me. While our former Russia hating, now Russia loving, Trump Cult Party is no doubt giddy with this news, it is going to be more important than ever for Dems. to call out election security loudly and at every opportunity!!! There are reasons why election security is NOT talked about in the White House. Just ask Moscow Mitch. Once again, because he doesn't care Trump remains the greatest secuirty threat to the United States of America, and because he is, he MUST be removed from office in November!!


Russia to try to meddle in elections again according to intel. 

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I read the article.


There's nothing in the article about Trump...or the Republicans.

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@gordyfl wrote:

I read the article.


There's nothing in the article about Trump...or the Republicans.

The article covers quite a few countries, and says Russian Friendly Candidates. In the USA that is Trump.

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Tom, that's why Trump World is An Alternate Reality Bubble devoid of truth, facts, and logic. Every U.S. Intelligence agency reported on Russia's signifricant interference in the 2016 election. The Mueller Report thoroughly documented dates and times of Russia's interference. 


But Trump and Fox repeatedly claim it never happened, and their under educated, gullible viewers believe that big lie. As Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda proved, if you say something enough times, gullible people will believe it.

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I hear you Ceetee!! That is why in November I am voting for REALITY!! Because I am sick and tired of this alternative reality, I don't know about you.
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Again? According to Trump and his Cult members, it never happened in 2016.

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I know right?
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