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Re: Turmoil in WH

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Here is something for all to think about. If you watched TV yesterday you might have seen the Author of Trumps book "The Art of The Deal" speaking about Donald and his mental  state. Lets all remember that some months ago over 120 mental health experts signed a letter saying Donald has mental problems, and people have been saying this about him for the last 50 years.

The author told us we are watching a person crumble before our eyes with mental illness. He went through all the signs he is showing and what it means. His biggest worry about Trump is not the scandals, but what he will do to this country and the world as he makes decisions that have a life and death effect on the world. There is only so much the people around him can do to control him. We do know the Pentagon has put into place rules that if he orders a military strike it is referred to someone before it is carried out. The guess is the Sec. of Defence. This is the same thing that was in place at the end of the Nixon era.

After hearing the Author we should all do as much as possible to end the carrier of a very sick person as President. This fall do not vote for anyone with an R behind their name.  Go watch the Author on TV yesterday.

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Re: Turmoil in WH

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Well, remember that chaos is a feature, not a bug, to Trumplings. These types want to burn down the country instead of fixing it, which is why they voted for someone they knew had no experience and no qualifications for the job other than that he "tells it like it is" i.e., insults all the same people they want to insult themselves.


This way, they can pretend to be "fixing" what wasn't broken after Obama, while reveling in the ugliness the emanates from the Oval Office. "Counter-punching," cheating, lying, insults, threats -- this is the kind of life they enjoy, so of course he's providing exactly what they want.


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Re: Turmoil in WH

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So-called conservatives are not the only ones that presume without cause.  Presuming 'the donald' will do what his oath requires him to do is a mistake.  That oath requires him to put the Nation first in all that he does as a function of that office.  He doesn't.  He only says he does. He Lied Yesterday....He Lies Today...He Will Lie Tomorrow. 


Nietzsche said about Lies..."I'm not upset that you lied to me I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you".  That has multiple meanings beyond the obvious. Trump supporters should carefully consider ALL of them. The vast majority are not getting what they think they bought.  In Trump's world, they never will. 


Republicans have made a marriage of convenience that will cost all of us dearly.  Already has.  We already see compatibility problems and divorce may be imminent. The divorce will be contested and eventually end up in the Supreme Court.  the Judges Republican's thought would be their's, because that's what they bargained for and that's what they were promised, may well turn out to be his. 


'The donald' does only what serves his interests as he sees them. Usually immediate, but not always.  He does 'look ahead'.  Others who assist him toward his end[s] may end up getting table scraps.  When no longer useful, they too will be 'put-down'.  Count on it.


For the past few days the media, with the exception of the Murdock segment, has presented 'expert' after 'expert' putting forth their theory of what is behind 'the donald's' outwardly erratic behavior.  Speculation about causal factors has been all over the map, ranging from his being an active Russian agent to mental illness to a man disintigrating under pressure as we watch. 


Some observations are similar to ones I've made about him.   I think 'the donald' knows precisely what he is doing to get to where he wants to be.  It doesn't fit into the way you and I think the world should operate, but, that's of no interest to him.  He and Putin are very much alike that way.  That may explains the affinity Trump has for Putin. CNN carried a special about Putin last night.  If you know little of the man, you should watch for a repeat.


The chaos you see 'the donald' create serves a purpose.  That chaos will inevitably remove or neutralize all real or potential opposition to his end goal.  He is single-mindedly going about destroying all existing institutions by destroying confidence in them.  When he has destroyed our confidence that truth even exists, he will put back that which he chooses to exist. Orwell is rolling in his grave. 


IF successful, 'the donald' will have sole control of essentially everything.  He will have achieved an oligarchy, consisting of his immediate family with him as ultimate authority.   When he can no longer function, a favored family member will take over.  He is using the chaos he is used to to do that.  It's working so far.  Only you can stop it.  The Republican Party as constituted today will not.  They are captives of the RRRR.


Putin by contrast is 'there'.  He used precise methodology painstakingly calculated.  His regime is NOT the old is NOT communism and it is NOT at all democratic.  Whatever it is ALL his.  That's what 'the donald' is after too.  IF they both continue to have success, eventually they'll tangle and once again "the ones who call the shots won't be among the dead and lame".  Dark enough for you?  I really can do more, If you like.


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Re: Turmoil in WH

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OMG if The Donald goes we then have air hear Pence to deal with?
Sorry, he knows as much as Trump and just sits his smerky smiling face in the background pretending he doesn't. I don't trust him anymore than the Donald, he's just sneaky and quiet.
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Re: Turmoil in WH

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The one consistent message we read about from the people trying to implement the Trump WH policies is that there is chaos and no planning.  Trump says "do this" and no one bothers to define what "this" is or the way it is to be accomplished. The result is a patchwork approach with variable objectives.  



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Turmoil in WH

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    Getting prisoners released from other countries is always tricky, it requires negotiation between the State Department and foreign officials.      The current folks in the WH appear to be advocating for grandstanding, instead of actual working.


     On Day 1, Pompeo was elated, the negotiation to release an American Pastor from Turkey was progressing.    Well, except on Day 3, VP Pence spoke at an event in the State Department and threatened economic sanctions against foreign nations who he deemed a failure.     And Donald tweeted his agreement with Pence.    


     Apparently the WH has settled on it's standard response to everything;   SANCTIONS, well except Russia,  they are given priviledgge status as Muchkin is considering ending sanctions on Aluminum manufacturers in Russia.


      When those hired to carry out Donalds demands are counterproductive and presenting opposite actions, how is that good?

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