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Trump v. Mazars (19-715) Trump v. Deutche Bank AG (19-760) 19-635 TRUMP V. VANCE


These cases will decide whether or not the president is subject to the rule of law. If he isn't we're not a democracy. We should probably pay attention to these cases.




Trump v. Mazars (19-715)


The Committee on Oversight and Reform of the U.S. House of Representatives
has issued a subpoena to the accountant for President Trump and several of his
business entities. The subpoena demands private financial records belonging to the
President. The D.C. Circuit upheld the subpoena as having a legitimate legislative
purpose and being within the statutory authority of the Committee.


The question presented is:


Whether the Committee has the constitutional and statutory authority to issue this subpoena. 



Trump v. Deutche Bank AG (19-760)


Whether three committees of the House of Representatives had the constitutional
and statutory authority to issue subpoenas to third-party custodians for the personal records of the sitting President of the United States.








The District Attorney for the County of New York is conducting a criminal
investigation that, by his own admission, targets the President of the United States for
possible indictment and prosecution during his term in office. As part of that
investigation, he served a grand-jury subpoena on a custodian of the President's
personal records, demanding production of nearly ten years' worth of the President's
financial papers and his tax returns. That subpoena is the combination-almost a wordfor-word copy-of two subpoenas issued by committees of Congress for these same
papers. The Second Circuit rejected








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If these cases fail they should demand that Mnuchin provide the information as required by 31USC331(d). If Mnuchin refuses and the House sues him we will find out if the so-called originalist Justices really are or if they just claim to be. 31USD331(d) is from 1789 and was used often in the early years of this country.

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Tomorrow the 12th, the court will have (live) oral arguments on all three of these cases.


"The justices are expected to release their opinion by the end of June."

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This is living history. These SCOTUS decisions will decide the path our country follows for the foreseeable future.


If the court rules for Trump and grants him immunity tantamount to that of a dictator, I have little hope democracy and the rule of law will survive,


Nixon tried this power grab during Watergate. He refused to abide by a congressional subpoena and turn over the White House tapes. SCOTUS ruled against him. That is the legal precedent that applies to these 3 cases.


Whichever way the Court rules history will be made.




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President Trump to claim 'absolute immunity' from subpoenas in Supreme Court appeal
His efforts to challenge the subpoenas in federal courts have been unsuccessful.

May 11, 2020


Attorneys for President Donald Trump this week will ask the U.S. Supreme Court to grant him sweeping immunity from investigation by Congress and local prosecutors into his conduct as a private citizen, as long as he's still in office.


During oral arguments in three cases Tuesday, the justices will explore Trump's claim that he cannot be subjected to subpoenas or any criminal investigative process, by virtue of the demands of the presidency.


.... "These are critical cases that are going to decide whether or not a president, in office, has presidential immunity for the duration of the time that he is sitting in office," said Claire Finkelstein, a criminal law expert at the University of Pennsylvania Law School and director of its Center for Ethics and the Rule of Law.


"It would literally put the president above the law if the Supreme Court sides with the president's lawyers in this case," Finkelstein said.

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