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Trump stupidity is killing the Airline Industry.

   Who cares if a major industry crashes:


   Major US airlines have warned they will lay off tens of thousands of workers in October when the Cares Act payroll support program for the industry expires, raising the prospect of devastation for many workers and their families.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the air transportation industry fell from about 512,000 workers in March 2020 to about 380,000 in June 2020.


According to the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, about 1,000 flight attendants in the US have tested positive for coronavirus. The union is pushing for the Cares Act payroll protection program for airlines to be extended until March 2021, as only about 20% of air travel has returned.

Globally, the airline industry faces an estimated $84bn in losses in 2020, while several US airports are expecting further downturns as coronavirus cases have climbed in several parts of the country since the end of June 2020.

American Airlines has warned it could lay off up to 20,000 employees.  


For the far right who claim that Covid 19 is a hoax, good luck flying, but no whining when your most convenient flight no longer exists.



PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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Honored Social Butterfly

The sad but true end to the Trumpvid20 pandemic is there's no end to the Trumpvid20 Pandemic.


The virus is showing no sign of mutating, many people can have the disease and NEVER experience any of the symptoms so it can "hide" in the population, and so far the best scientific evidence indicates a vaccine for such a "robust" killer might only be effective 50% of the time.


Considering the long-term impact on the airline industry, their decades of reducing passenger space MUST come to an abrupt end. That being the case, to remain viable, the days of tightly REGULATED routes and fares needs to return, along with subsidies given on condition the aircraft and flight crews become members of the Air National Guard, subject to being called to active duty to support a National Emergency.


This solves two problems - the current shortage of pilots for the USAF and Reserve forces and the ability of airlines to SAFELY transport people around the country at a reasonable cost.

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