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Trump speech sets off new alarms among public health experts

Trump has been mishandling every event in the last three years. It is just that now that incompetence is directly affecting EVERY American.  This is not abandoning our allies on the battlefield, destroying our trading relationships, or getting laughed at at the U.N. This is actually life and death and he continues to prove he is not up to it. 



The speech only seemed to confirm fears that that have festered among health experts for weeks, as the administration struggled to roll out coronavirus testing and coordinate with frontline providers — all as Trump and some of his top aides had repeatedly downplayed the risk to the American public.


“Fundamentally, he’s still missing the point, and he’s missing the point in several important ways,” said Jeremy Konyndyk, a senior policy fellow at the Center for Global Development and former Obama-era foreign aid official. “Every day we’re getting the strategy wrong will extend the severity and size of the outbreak in this country by multiple days.” 

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