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Re: Trump shifts $1.3m in 2020 election campaign donations to his personal businesses

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The amount of money the American Government is putting into Trump's pocket is astronomical. Every time he goes to one of his resorts he brings hundreds of people with him all which have to be housed and fed - who do you think is paying that? The American Taxpayers are paying "his" businesses to house HIM and his staff and his security. How afoul is that? Such a **bleep** crook. If it weren't for the GOP who are using him as a shiny object to keep the rest of the world busy while they install judges across the country to impose their backward ideas on the rest of us, he'd be in jail already. Imagine, if Obama had done anything, or said anything even close to what this loser says? The GOP is full of hypocrites and they deserve all they get from his Tyranny. Hindsight is 20/20 & The American public sees now what they have done and we won't allow the GOP to hide behind Trump and blame him for all their failed pollicies. Who cuts Medicare and social security and gives tax breaks to Corporations? Trump and the GOP. Who imposes tariffs across the globe to stop the largest run of job growth in decades? Trump & the GOP. Who cuts education programs to pour more money into weapons? The GOP and Trump. What a loser. They have allowed, endorsed and ignored all of his shameful behavior and we will remember in November.
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Trump shifts $1.3m in 2020 election campaign donations to his personal businesses

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Trump shifts $1.3m in 2020 election campaign donations to his personal businesses



Nearly $1.3m (£990,000) of donations to Donald Trump’s re-election campaign have subsequently been transferred to businesses owned by the US president.



The money has been spent on hotel rooms, rent, food, legal consulting and other services provided by Mr Trump’s firms, according to campaign filings analysed by Forbes.



Tens of thousands of people have made payments to his 2020 campaign, which he launched on the day of his inauguration three years ago.



The president has not contributed any of his own money, despite boasting on the day he launched his first campaign in 2015: “I don’t need anybody’s money. I’m using my own money. I’m not using the lobbyists. I’m not using donors. I don’t care. I’m really rich.”



The majority of the 2020 donations were paid out to Trump Tower Commercial LLC, the holding company through which he owns his skyscraper on New York’s Fifth Avenue, which received $800,000 (£612,000.) The company also received $225,000 (£172,000) in rent from the Republican National Committee, Forbesreported.



Trump Restaurants LLC, which runs eateries in the Trump Tower, has received $60,000 ($46,000) in campaign funds to leasing a small space for sale of campaign memorabilia.



Trump Plaza LLC, which runs two apartment buildings in New York City, received $54,000 (£41,000) from the president’s campaign, according to the filings. The reason for the payment was reportedly listed as rent, although it is unclear what the buildings have been leased for.

Mr Trump’s 2020 campaign has also spent thousands at his hotels in Washington DC and Las Vegas.



Federal regulations allow election candidates to shift campaign money into their own businesses, providing they pay going rates and the expenditure is not for personal use.



The Trump 2020 campaign has been contacted for comment.

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