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Trump’s address proved he is a genius entertainer. Democrats ought to worry.

Trump’s address proved he is a genius entertainer. Democrats ought to worry. 


Whatever else I think of President Trump, and almost none of it is favorable, I know this much is true: He is an incredibly gifted entertainer. And his skills have almost never been more effective than during his State of the Union address Tuesday night, when Trump’s flair for reality television met up with his penchant for stories of bloody violence, sentimental anecdotes and bromides. You don’t have to like it to acknowledge that it’s a powerful thing for a president to function as a one-man television network.


The most revealing line in Trump’s State of the Union address came near the close, when he declared that “this nation is our canvas, and this country is our masterpiece.” When Trump says “our,” he frequently means “my,” and that substitution has never been more apt than here. If the president gets those four more years Republicans cheered for, it will be because he is unusually deft at seizing control of that canvas and filling it up with vivid images and moments. Americans may not be able to agree on whether that work is a masterpiece or a moral disaster. But either way, we won’t be able to look away.


Trump is must-see TV. He is a entertainer. America loves great entertainers/story-tellers. Democrats are making the same mistake they did in 2016. Not take Trump seriously and serve America unispiring slop and expect voters to eat it up.


Democrats are such idiots to assume Trump will lose. You cannot assume if people will watch a new show on network tv just because they have a bad time slot, say Tuesday at 10 pm and there is nothing else to watch.


Trump is entertaining! He has a flair for the dramatics! He will likely win again and Democrats will be left with left with more questions after they lose in 2020.

“Trump masquerades as an angel of light, but he is the father of lies”
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Tell the great entertainer to go back to reality TV where his talents lie. President of the U.S. is no job for a con man.










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 So, you mean he actually ran to be "The Joker"?  That makes sense.....


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"FAKE 45 #illegitimate" read a sign at the Woman's March in DC, 1/27/2017
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