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Trump pushes to cut testing funds from new stimulus package

President Trump is at odds with the Senate GOP because he wants to implement a payroll tax cut to help the unemployed (I will let the logic there sink in) and CUT funding for expanded coronavirus testing.  As you know, Trump has claimed that if we stopped testing, we would not have as many coronavirus cases.  I used to think he had just misspoke but, nope, that is what he meant. 


Mnuchin and Meadows plan to meet with Senate GOP appropriators in the late morning to discuss Republican concerns about a White House push to cut new funding for testing, tracing, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. White House officials have also expressed opposition to extending more aid to states and cities, an issue that has split Republicans.Trum 

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I guess ToadPOTUS wants to eliminate contributions to the SS Trust Fund and Medicare because he plans to kill off all the Seniors with tRumpvid20.


That makes as much sense as his repeated belief that NOT testing will make things better because we won't know how many people are getting infected, so it will appear to be safe to open up businesses and only when the Hospitals run out of beds will Republicans admit they may have over estimated the healing powers of denial, that being the ONLY thing Toad has offered in the fight against this killer disease.

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@Olderscout66 wrote:

I guess ToadPOTUS wants to eliminate contributions to the SS Trust Fund and Medicare because he plans to kill off all the Seniors with tRumpvid20.



I think he was just trying to emulate President Obama - all reductions in Payroll taxes were made up by the General Fund.

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I cannot find the topic I am actually looking for but it is very discouraging that I do not hear AARP screaming from the rafters about the Republicans inclusion of the horrendous Trust act of mitt Romney in their so-called Heals Act.

this is not a benevolent act to make things better for us. It is a way of undermining destroying raiding Social Security and Medicare which is what Republicans have always wanted to do since the New Deal!  The bill with the inclusion of mid Romney’s trust act must be vigorously opposed and I am disappointed that nothing is coming from AARP.

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It is a Bipartisan Proposal -

The TRUST Act of 2020 is cosponsored by Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV), Todd Young (R-IN), Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), Doug Jones (D-AL), Lamar Alexander (R-TN), Angus King (I-ME), Rob Portman (R-OH), Mark Warner (D-VA), David Perdue (R-GA), John Cornyn (R-TX), Martha McSally (R-AZ), Mike Rounds (R-SD), and Dan Sullivan (R-AK). U.S. Representatives Mike Gallagher (R-WI), Ed Case (D-HI), William Timmons (R-SC), Ben McAdams (D-UT), and Scott Peters (D-CA) previously introduced companion legislation in the House of Representatives. Recently, 60 House members – evenly split between Republicans and Democrats – wrote a letter urging their leadership to include the TRUST Act in the next relief package.


I agree that something has to be done pronto - with millions being laid off because of the Pandemic and not paying into the Trust Funds and not matched by their employers - the situation is getting critical. 

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Having a few Democrats on board does not make it "bi partisan".  

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Absolutely. Look into the voting records and words and deeds of these so-called Democrats who are Democrats in name only who put their name on this horrible bill.   For them to try to inject it into the stimulus bill the so-called Heals act, during a pandemic is absolutely disgusting and just one more ploy of Republicans to destroy Social Security and Medicare. Read up on this everyone and see what people are saying. This is very dangerous and everyone needs to pay attention!

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Salt Lake Trib. 07/27/2020 - Trust Act 2020 


ALL that the TRUST ACT 2020 does is call for the creation of congressional committees specifically assigned to develop legislation to restore and strengthen endangered federal trust funds. 

Here is the proposed legislation - Read it - S.2733 - TRUST ACT - Senate - HR 4907 116th Congress Trust Act  - House


Any changes to the Social Security law has to be done via Congress.


The Trustee Report was issued earlier this year on the financial state of the Trust Funds - that was before the ramifications of the Pandemic.

Social Security - 2020 Trustee Report Summary 


If the pandemic has speed up the approximate date of insolvency, then that automatic Social Security cut of about 25% or more depending on the numbers will happen earlier unless they can enact legislation to fix it.  The Trust Act call for an update of these figures and a review of the many proposed legislations that have already been introduced the last few years by both Democrats and Republican to solve the shortfall or come together and make a new one.

Social Security Office of the Chief Actuary's Estimates of Proposals to Change S... 


Of which Rep. John Larson's lastest proposed legislation (07/09/2020 introduction)

H.R. 7499, the Social Security COVID Correction and Equity Act 

is beginning to deal with the same thing.


Something has got to give, people - or we are gonna be faced with that automatic (per the SS law) reduction in benefits in just a few years - maybe (2).


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You are so naïve. You actually think they want to fix it? They want to destroy it. Look at the power it gives them to do all kinds of things in secret. Using the cover of a pandemic , shame on them. The Koch funded organization called Americans for Prosperity is an advocate along with a large number of right wing advocacy groups. Does not bode well. If past within 45 days a report would come to Congress on our endangered trust funds. Legislation from the committees would have expedited consideration meaning no amendments and Benefit cuts could be quickly fast tracked. And how convenient it is to claim that this is really by Pardison so when everything falls apart no one takes the blame
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Just because this bill is supposedly bi-Partisan does not mean it is good.
It’s bad enough that AARP Opposes Medicare for all and obviously profits from the health Insurance plans they pedal, but to think that AARP has no problem with someone like Mitt Romney doing his latest to undermine our trusts, blows my mind.  Republicans view our trusts as their piggy bank and they have been desperate to loot them. Look at what he ran on when he ran for president and his running mate Ryan vigorously opposed Medicare.  Thank goodness he lost. Romney proposed this bill last fall, there was lots of opposition, now they are slipping it into a bill while people have life and death and financial survival issues front burner. This is a crisis driven act of people with no conscience just one more ploy to promote the agenda they have had all along, the destruction of social progress and programs.  This is disgusting and I am very disappointed that AARP does not come out swinging!  This needs to be addressed right now???  Give me a break.  

I urge AARP members to read what is being posted and discussed on nonprofit watchdog sites By groups who are actually devoted to protecting Social Security and Medicare. The Trusts Act is front burner right now. Included in these so-called HEALS act that Republicans put out yesterday   Pay attention, also notice that our corporate media will probably not mention it.




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I am adding this as an update to my prior post. I am thrilled to see that AARP just issued a press release urging that the Trusts Act not be included and requesting assistance for nursing homes Yay Keep watching everyone write to your elected representatives
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Yes, THEY HAVE TO FIX IT - there are many ways and proposals out there to do just that - I gave you the SS Actuary link of all the proposals -


Any changes to the law will have to go through Congress for passage.  Yes, we do need a way to expedite the legislation of changes.  If not, when the Trust Fund reach a specific (insolvency) level, the law already has an automatic reduction of benefits for everybody built into it.  Currently that reduction, before the pandemic economic downturn, was slated to be about 25%.  Who knows what updated figures might be -


We have gone through years and years of this same problem and there have been no solutions - we are too politically divided - or the party with the power decides they don't want to tackle it because of public backlash.  We are now getting to the point where action has to be done.


We do need some legislative action to force them to tackle the problem - most likely it will be a combination of increase revenues from those working or those of us who pay taxes on our benefits and a change or modification in some benefits.  The Balanced Budget Act of 2015 make some changes but not enough for the ton of folks (baby boomers) that are now reaping benefits compared to the number of working people paying into the system.  There is a loud slurping sound going out of the Trust Fund and only a trickle coming in -


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