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Trump party does not want mail voting in November....

now why would that be???!!!! Hmmm, probably because if we had all mail voting for the election in November, why Trump doesn't stand a chance, and they know it!!! Trump Party would rather you put your health at risk and require you to show up at the polls just as they did in Wisconsin last week, that's why, then the turnout will be much much lower, which favors them that's why!!


From this article:


President Donald Trump has urged Republicans to fight against federal vote-by-mail funding. He claims people would “cheat” on their ballots and explicitly said that widespread absentee votingwould hurt Republicans chances of maintaining power.


Pretty funny coming from someone who already cheated in 2016, with his "help" from Russia!! Ooops!


Trump Party cool on all mail vote in November...hmmm     We  have had vote by mail here in Washington State for over a year now. You don't even need to put a stamp on your ballott. Its' paid for! Work great!!



Honored Social Butterfly

    GOP really seem to hate anything that they cannot manipulate if the outcome is not 100% for them.   The State of CO was recently in the news for their implementation of the Vote by Mail project where everyone is sent a ballot to their address and if they so desire they can vote in person.   

    The system is cool, it documents when the ballot is sent, and received and counted.


     That process is part of a National program:  National Vote at Home institute.  Advantage, none of the current states who are not participating in this process have to start from scratch or re-create the wheel.


     Meantime GOP Senators are babbling nonsense:   If you can go to the grocery store you can get to the polls on election day.    And yep, that fool is up for re-election this year....and everyone will make sure that his words come back to bite them.


 "If you can go to the grocery store, you can go to the polls."      Do the GOP really believe that sort of bs?   

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Honored Social Butterfly

Did all see the news the GOP got last Tuesday in WI where they forced people to go to the polls and vote in person. The GOP plan was that would decrease the vote and they could win the election for the State Supreme Court Judge. Trump came out and endorsed the GOP person running. Results came out today and the Dem, won that election by a good margin. Looks like the good people of WI sent a message to the far right Reb. and Trump.  We are sick and tired of all the trouble you have caused our State and this Country and we want you and everyone you support out of Office. Lets hope this keeps up because Trump and the Reb. will keep up their efforts to cut the vote turnout.

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