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Trump is taking his circus on the road again

I had to quarantine for 2 weeks after I was exposed. I guess it doesn’t apply to this idiot. Let him get out there and infect more people. I feel sorry for the military and security that has to haul his fat butt around. Vote this man OUT then indict him for tax fraud. The man is an embarrassment to this country. Don’t bother to reply to this I won’t read it anyway. 

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One of the big differences  now is that they will be contact tracing the heck out of any attendee of a Trump rally. When they can show the rallies are covid super spreaders, Trump is toast.  (can you be "more toast"?)

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Who in their right mind will go on the road with him?


Should he even fly at 40,000 feet to Florida with covid 19 pnumonia?

If I were a staff member, pilot, secret service member, I would flat out refuse to fly him anywhere.


What's he gonna do, fire them at this late date? It would be a badge of courage to be fired by Trump for not following his orders these days and a give tremendous credibility for not enabling an infected madman.


He is desperate and in denial.

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And off to Florida on Monday.


IMPOOPUS is really trying to convince everyone he's Superman, isn't he?  Of course, this is the president on drugs speaking.  Methinks when the effects of the feelgood steroids wear off, he's gonna crash and burn.

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Within trump’s sick, twisted mind, it wouldn’t seem out of phase, at the Saturday WH get together, for trump to rationalize anyone catching the virus, would be considered akin to passing out party favors to the attendees!...and he would consider himself to be generous. 

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Trump is a very sick man both physically and mentally.  And he is desperate.  Here he is marching forth while still in the grip of COVID himself; going out to satisfy his own agenda all while exposing others to the disease he yet carries.   But what troubles me more is the fact that seemingly no one can corral this man--thus saving us from him and him from himself.

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Anyone should have to quarantine for two weeks, even tRump's fat behind!


There is no reasonable defense for this.

Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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The invitations for tomorrows WH events have gone out to two thousand lucky recipients.

We don't know what his TESTS report.  Sheer madness.  This is criminal.

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PreCircus ~ Alice in Wonderland Events.  Saturday @ WH South Lawn, You're Cordially Invited to Attend ~





... in conjunction with... a campaign to urge Black Americans to leave the Democratic Party, sources said.

... Trump.... is expected to address the crowd from the balcony of the White House.


I can't even begin to imagine how this abomination will play itself out. 

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Mingle, Mingle, Mingle.


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That’s trump for ya...let’s load up the trump clown car, and see how many more people that he can infect...maybe he’s going for a new record for infections!

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