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Trump election czar not telling the whole story on Russian election interference.

Trump's election czar issued a rare statement Friday describing foreign efforts to interfere in the 2020 election. Dems. labeled it misleading and failed to convey the scope of Russia's interference. Well what a surprise!!!


Robert Mueller warned Russia, and others will and would try to interfere in the 2020 election. Trump of course, just like the first time openly wants their help again. He especially needs it this time.


Evanina made no mention of what American intelligence analysts have concluded about whether Russia is trying to help President Trump, as intelligence agencies assessed happened in 2016. The official who is coordinating the intelligence community's efforts on election interference, Shelby Pierson, told Congress months ago that there was evidence Russia again sought to boost Trump.

Shortly after Evanina's statement was issued, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, criticized it in an appearance on Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC. A Senate aide told NBC News that Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee share Schiff's concerns.


Schiff said:


He added, "The Russians will look for any divide they can to sow chaos in the United States. And but — what better way than to amplify false information about how millions of Americans cast their votes? Of course they will, that is why they want Trump again, to keep sowing the daily chaos.


Trump election czar not telling the whole story on Russian election interference for 2020. 

Honored Social Butterfly

   Follow the money or lack thereof that the Republicans are wanting to spend on election security.   They will wait until past due time to offer money to allow citizens across the US to Vote by Mail.    With the new USPS guy looking to slow down general mail delivery ( no overtime, if a delivery person can't complete his delivery schedule within 8 hours - it will wait until the next day and then the snowball effect of days late) plan on slow delivery of mail especially ballots by mail.   And make a big show about how "he and the GOP provided resources" - total bs and cya message.   

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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And as we can probably infer about who is really running the trump campaign...

trump or putin? And another secret information call to putin...has anyone ever wondered why we never see a written transcript of their calls...and it gets classified! How stupid do trump and his supporters think that we are...he can run, but he cannot hide!

Honored Social Butterfly

right you are William. There are many reasons why Trump didn't want to talk about his " I have no business dealings with Russia." Just like his financials, and tax returns, he has BIG reasons to keep them from ever seeing the light of day. What a bum!
Honored Social Butterfly

Tom, for sure. But, let’s add that he’s not only a bum, but a corrupt criminal bum!

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