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Trump doesn’t do much other than create chaos

Trump has never proved to be a very good businessman and now he is proving to take those "not very good" skills to the White House.  With his team of temporary help (45 Acting department heads and a revolving door at A.G. and SoS) there is nothing to provide stable or competent administration.  The opinion piece lists many of Trump's shortcomings and how they are negatively impacting the effort to fight Covid-19.   One of Trump's problems in this election is that the chaos is unfolding in front of the voters even as he pretends otherwise.  ITYS. 



Trump told the governors during a conference call earlier Thursday to “call your own shots,” a superfluous admonition. While governors in the pact of northeastern states and in the West Coast alliance all acknowledge that testing is a critical part of any return to work (as did Trump’s own advisers, former advisers, foreign leaders and epidemiologists), Trump tried to muddy the waters (“There are some states where I think you can do with a lot less testing than other people are suggesting. . . . Some are big believers in the testing. Some believe a little less”). No doubt, this is an effort to avoid more questions as to why he is not doing anything to alleviate this critical function. 

Honored Social Butterfly

Richva:   Trump has never proved to be a very good businessman and now he is proving to take those "not very good" skills to the White House. 



The only skill he's any good at is CYA.

Honored Social Butterfly

a big 6 point drop in Trump's overall job approval rating according to latest Gallup poll. Sharpest decline in his Presidency.



Honored Social Butterfly

trump is the reason that We are in this crisis. But, what I am still asking. Testing is extremely important to track the virus and to open up commerce again, so why is trump so adverse to more testing?

1. Is it because he is still trying to 

     coverup for his inaction. 
2. What is more concerning, is he doing 

     this intentionally? 
He's leaving it up to the States to test, but for overall testing, this should be a function of the Federal government...and why is it not, and where is the testing? 

Remember, trump said everyone that wants a test can get a test...really!

Honored Social Butterfly

T RUMP is known as a "day trader" on  Morning Joe's program.   


What we now know is that the coronavirus silently spread for several weeks, without us being aware of it.      This IS   unforgiveable.   Every week there is blame being passed around when T RUMP and his minions need to OWN the fact their negligence,  their incompetence their shear reluctance to listen to the opinions of experts cost American lives..     We are up to 30,000 now and numbers change upward every day.   .       

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