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Trump didn't keep his promises,

in spite of what his cult says:

promises not kept:


Universal health coverage.


I am going to take care of everybody. I don't care if it costs me votes or not,” he said, adding that people who are uninsured were "going to be taken care of" and "the government's gonna pay for it.” He did not say how he planned to achieve this goal.

REALITY: Trump did the opposite. He championed Republican-led legislation in 2017 that would have undone Obamacare and left an estimated 23 million more people uninsured.




No tax cuts for the rich:



His 2017 tax law lowered tax bills for most middle incomes, but it disproportionately benefited higher-earners. If fully implemented over a decade, about 83 percent of the benefits in 2027 would go to the highest-earning 1 percent of households, the Tax Policy Center found.

And the carried interest break was largely preserved, with a modest limitation for some deals.





Payoff the national debt:



Experts called it an absurd promise even under a massive austerity regime. But Trump went in the opposite direction, with tax cuts and spending hikes that sent the national debt soaring to unprecedented heights.

It was $19.9 trillion when he took office and topped $23 trillion by the beginning of 2020 before the pandemic hit. This week it was $26.6 trillion.





Infrastructure boost:



Nothing of the sort has happened. The push stalled early amid opposition from Republicans, but an opportunity presented itself in 2019 when Democrats, who share Trump’s goal of rebuilding highways and bridges, took over the House.

After tentatively agreeing that April to pursue a $2 trillion package, Trump torpedoed talks the next month and refused to work with Democrats until they ended investigations of his administration that he called “phony.”





Six weeks paid leaves for all moms:




This has not occurred. Trump did sign legislation in December 2019 that granted 12 weeks paid parental leave to the estimated 2.1 million federal employees. This was a Democratic priority first introduced by Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., 19 years earlier.

The policy is limited in reach and does not guarantee maternity leave to a vast majority of working women. Nevertheless, Ivanka Trump heralded the new law as government leading by example.





There is really only one word I can offer for these promises broken:





Honored Social Butterfly

So where are the articles from the far right wing propaganda sources that try to debunk the information contained in this topic?  Oh, there are none? tRump promised all five of these things during his campaign, they were all lies. Now tRump supporters pretend he didn't make any of these claims. Reality says differently.

Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
Honored Social Butterfly

Trump promised to run his administration like a business. The only business at which Trump has been successful was a reality show and that is how he is running the country. Only in this case, being "fired'" means dying and he has been on the air 180,000 episodes and counting. 

Honored Social Butterfly

And don't forget Trump's promise to not cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and then introduceD back to back budgets severely cutting all three programs!!!


And now, Trump wants to eliminate payroll taxes which will would immediately END all Social Security benefits and END Medicare!!!






Honored Social Butterfly

Oh yes forgot that one. If re elected he WILL GUT the safety net to pay for his debt. I guarantee it!
Honored Social Butterfly

    Providing examples of donald's lies is too easy.    I understand why some  believe that he is great, but do they really, is he really the person that displays the Republican ideals.   

    It is easy to see how some will be more than willing to share articles that support him, but do they, the blog writer, really believe all that information.   I don't know.    Sadly, when they really challenged they resort to quips and nonsense, which may be an attempt to shut down any real discussion on a topic.  

    What I see is donald folks dancing at the fringe, not really engaging in topics of national import.   I would be pleasantly surprised if they wanted to talk about an issue, their opinion and thoughts not a copy / paste of someone else.   

    If his followers refuse to be held accountable, is that saying donald need not either?  (or vice versa) 


PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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How about: 


I'm tasking Mr. Jared Kushner with some big,big, problems. Jared is very tremendously smart. He spent an hour-and-half reading bout the Middle East on the plane ride and is confident we'll have a peace treaty by the middle of next week.







Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.
Donald Trump
Honored Social Butterfly

I almost forgot! The biggest whopper was saying Mexico would pay for the wall. That gets two: OOOPPPSS!!! OOOOPS!!!
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