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Trump cheats at golf

Interesting interview with a reporter on NRP last night - Seems he played a few rounds with Lemontop while he was interviewing him for an article. He noticed that even though Der Trumper is a pretty good amature, he would kick his ball into a better position whenever it suited, and didn't even seem to understand it was "against the rules". Then he claimed he shot a 64 at (exclusive and difficult golf course) but when the reporter checked with another member of Trump's foursome that day, they guy said it never happend, and lil' Donny shot a respectable game in the 70's. So the reporter left the story out when he wrote the article, and as soon as it was published Cer Trumper called to ask why his fantastic score wasn't mentioned. The reporter explained he checked with another golfer and could not confirm the amazing score. Trump replied, well, that's too bad, because I really did shoot a 64 and its a great story.




Thanks again Hillary Haters - this sure proves there was no difference between the candidates.

Honored Social Butterfly

Scout---trump is a pathological liar--unable to discern between fantasy and reality.  trump can't see it--his supporters don't get it or won't admit it.

A true narcissist, he also needs to be constantly validated--and if no one else does it, he just makes up some dumb story--golf scores, largest election win in history, largest inaugural crowd....

This is one sick person.

Gee, I miss having a real President!!
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He isn't nearly as good a golfer as Kim Jong Un. Kim regularly shoots in the 30s and 40s and even had a round in the low 20s with 9 hole-in-ones in a row.

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Yeah, well Snoopy, that was on a minature golf course...his uncle kept score....and you know what happened to his uncle when he got out of line.  Come to think of it....things are not much different here lately....I'm sure you noticed.

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