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Trump attacks Fauci

So, let's see if I understand this logic. Trump takes Fauci's words out of context to make it look like Fauci is defending the President.  Fauci responds with "I have used those words but that isn't what I said" and reiterated that he has NEVER endorsed anyone for office, including Trump. Then........Trump attacks Fauci for being incompetent......Was he incompetent when you were pretending he endorsed  you, moron?


President Donald Trump attacked Dr. Anthony Fauci on Tuesday after the nation’s top infectious disease expert criticized the president’s reelection campaign for featuring him in a political advertisement. 

Honored Social Butterfly

    The part that donnie-boy seems to not comprehend is that harassing the man who was selected as the Best Federal Employee this year is that he can't fire him.   So let donnie-boy whine, it is just another of his:   i am incompetent and will whine because i can't get my way.    

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A big part of tRump's appeal to his lofo base is he viciously attacks anyone who calls attention to his stupidity by contradicting him, and his base wishes they could do the same because, like trump, they say stupid things all the time and also like tRump, they deeply resent being called on it.

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T rump is  devious with a little help from advisors and support of the republican congress.    T RUMP   has his public  followers believing Dr. Fauci and scientist flip-flop.   

Either science ( and Dr. Fauci) do not tell us anything at all til a year or two from now til  this new virus has been experienced by  the medical folks and all reports are in.  


OR---Dr Fauci and scientist tell us what they do know and what they think is possible to the best of their knowledge at the time.   


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Attacking Dr. Fauci isn't getting him points anywhere outside the cult, it's hurting him. Trump is a fool.

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