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Trump and Transparency

I've read several comments from people who support Trump, saying that he is the most transparent president this country has ever had. I have to disagree with these folks. How is it that Trump can disparage China for hiding the truth about COVID's deadly transmission, when he, himself, did the same thing? To us, the people he took an oath to protect. He not only hid the information, he lied to us, many times over - telling us it's a "hoax," it will go away, it won't come to this country. Trump and his staff knew all that time these were outrageous lies. He said he did that to prevent panic from happening. How did that work out? No toliet paper, no paper towels, or hand sanitizer, empty grocery shelves - you all remember that. That's called panic. Why? Because we were so uncertain - he was tellng us one thing; scientists were issuing grave warnings about the spread of this virus. Trump lied again and said the scientists were wrong. We felt we had no control; we paniced because we didn't know what was going on. If we had, we would have been shocked, then did what Americans have always done: rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Thousands of lives would have been saved, PPE would have been available to hospital staff, people may have even accepted a national shutdown. Transparency? No. Lies, cover-ups, Trump playing the blame game - that's what we got instead. Our Republican congresswo/men are just as much to blame by either being complicit when the truth came out, or by defending Trump's lies. In the past (prior to 2016), I have tended to lean toward moderate convservatism, but this was the last straw. If your doctor lied to you and told you that you didn't have cancer, knowing full well that you did, how would you feel about that doctor when you found out the truth 3 months later? Would you continue to go back to him? 

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Clear as mud.




Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.
Donald Trump
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Truth !!!!!!!


Man learns from history that man learns nothing from history.
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