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Re: Trump WH Staffers Terrified Omarosa Tapes

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Sarah Sanders said she couldn't guarantee that there were no tapes of trump using the 'N' word, claimed she had never heard him use it, and said that she had never asked him the question directly.  he he he he

Only Thing Man Learns From History Is Man Learns Nothing From History
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Honored Social Butterfly

Trump WH Staffers Terrified Omarosa Tapes

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Trump and his Staffers are Terrified of not only what but who might be on Omarosas Next Audio Recording


Heh heh 


This is the US Federal Government being turned into a Daytime TV Soap Opera right before the Eyes of the American Citizens 


So Far Omarosa is Light Years Ahead of Trump in Planning & Strategy 


Trump - Sarah Sanders & his mouth pieces & Sycophants like Katrina Peirson are being set-up by Omarosa daily 


Yesterday Katrina Pearson said the claims in Omarosas book that she agreed Trump used Racial Slurs was Fake News - today Omarosa played tapes on ABC & MSNBC revealing Katrina in her own words saying just that 


Today Pearsons defense was well yeah I did say that but I was just trying to placate Omarosa so she would stop talking and we could move on to the next issue


Heh heh




( " China if You're Listening - Get Trumps Tax Returns " )

" )
" - Anonymous

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