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Trump University was a Premonition

It is a well known fact that every business Trump touches fails.  He usually walks away with OPM (other people's money) but that is more the sign of a good con man than successful tycoon. Now he is running the same game on America. Make promises and then bail as soon as possible.  Now we are watching the end game play out. 



The judge was out to get him, he said. So was that prosecutor in New York, whom he called a dopey loser on a witch hunt. So were his critics, who he said were all liars. Even some of his own underlings had failed him — bad people, it turned out. He said he didn’t know them.


Now, many former students, instructors and lawyers who sued Trump wonder whether, as he faces a worsening pandemic, they see parallels to another chapter of Trump University’s story. Its end.


Trump settled three lawsuits against Trump University in 2016, after his election. Trump University paid a total of $25 million but did not admit fault on claims that customers were defrauded by the school. When The Washington Post asked about Trump University recently, the Trump Organization sent a statement that focused on the lawsuits. 

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