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Re: Trump Selects Another Criminal To Serve America

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Great points in your post. I remember the old board game RISK, might be to much for Trump to understand. Anyway, unless Trump' s friends at Fox News ok  virtual world games, I think we are stuck.

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Re: Trump Selects Another Criminal To Serve America

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   Apparently the RWers here like their war-criminals.    Why is Donald so interested in the goings on in VZ?    It could be because the previous president nationalized the Oil Industry, but other than that?

We know he doesn't give 2 hoots about human rights, on that topic he has recently sided with both China on killing dissidents and Duerte for extrajudicial murder of suspects - proof not required to kill a suspect drug dealer.   

    He wants a "easy war-win" to add to his record.   Both Syria and AF wins have proved elusive and his bs. about Iran is shunned by everyone including his bff - Russia.  

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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Re: Trump Selects Another Criminal To Serve America

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I remember reading/watching about those horrors that Mick mentioned.  It is sickening!!!


Maybe they should just give Person #1 and his cronies war games to play on the web and that is it!!! He has failed to prove his intelligence, respect and integrity, in my opinion!  Let him play all the war games he wants in a virtual world and not the real world.

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Re: Trump Selects Another Criminal To Serve America

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   Donald has seen enough cartoons about how to be a hero - which in his fantasy is to "win a war".   In order to do that, he has to produce a fake war that will have  people like Abrams to sell the lie about Veneuzual being a threat to anyone but themselves and so the US MUST invade.      

    That is a redux of the 80's , where WH makes up a war so that Donald can be a "hero" and have a military parade, such as WWII homecoming.


    It is pathetic that donald is incapable of comprehending that what happened in the 80's was a human disaster, thousands of innocent people died because of the US hubris.    Why anyone would support Abrams and his cronies and bring them back to DC to try it all again is mind blowing and an epic disaster.    Have we learned nothing from history - or are some seniors here to ignorant to remember what happened in the 80's - that should have led to the impeachment of Reagan.    

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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Trump Selects Another Criminal To Serve America

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In a testy exchange with Elliott Abrams on Wednesday, Representative Ilhan Omar resurrected the memory of El Salvador’s El Mozote massacre, one of the worst mass killings in modern Latin American history.


Omar, a Democrat from Minnesota, was all of two months old when the December 1981 massacre took place. Abrams, President Donald Trump’s new special envoy for Venezuela, was a senior State Department official in the Reagan administration, which was sending military and economic aid into El Salvador to defeat a leftist insurgency and stop what it saw as a wave of communism approaching the United States.


What happened in 1981? And what did Abrams have to do with it?


More than 900 peasants were murdered in and around several villages in the eastern province of Morazán. Most were old men, women, and children. At the Roman Catholic church in El Mozote, soldiers separated men from their families, took them away, and shot them. They herded mothers and children into the convent. Putting their American-supplied M-16 rifles on automatic, the soldiers opened fire. Then they burned the convent. Some 140 children were killed, including toddlers. Average age: 6.


In El Salvador, the Reagan administration, with Abrams as point man, routinely defended the Salvadoran government in the face of evidence that its regular army, and allied right-wing death squads, were operating with impunity, killing peasants, students, union leaders, and anyone considered anti-government or pro-guerrilla. Abrams went so far as to defend one of the death squads’ most notorious leaders, Roberto D’Aubuisson, who was responsible for the murder of Archbishop Óscar Romero while he was saying Mass, in March 1980.


In 1982, in an appearance before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Abrams was asked by Senator Paul Tsongas whether he thought Roberto D’Aubuisson “would fit the extreme on the right.”

“No, I don’t think so,” Abrams replied.

“So, you’d have to be to the right of D’Aubuisson to be considered extremist?” Tsongas asked.

“You’d have to be engaged in murder,” Abrams responded.

D’Aubuisson was engaged in murder, as Abrams should have known.


A few months after the Romero killing, a Salvadoran soldier had gone to the American embassy and told a young political officer, Carl Gettinger, that D’Aubuisson had presided over a meeting at which the assassination was plotted and soldiers had drawn straws to see who would carry it out.


This had been duly reported to Washington, and other intelligence placed D’Aubuisson “at the center” of death-squad activity, as a senior diplomat in El Salvador put it at the time. In this period, El Salvador was the top foreign-policy issue, and Abrams was a senior State Department official.


The evidence that D’Aubuisson had been complicit in the murder of Archbishop Romero, that there had been a meeting to draw straws, was “credible,” the CIA later concluded.


“While any number of rightwing death squads could have planned and carried out what was a relatively simple execution … there probably were few so fanatical and daring as D’Aubuisson to do it.”


Source -



( " China if You're Listening - Get Trumps Tax Returns " )

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" - Anonymous

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