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Re: Trump Reverses Himself on the House Health Care Bill

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Today's Republicans say they are just doing what the voters want !!! Oh yeah by cutting $880 BILLION from Medicaid so 99% of our Senior's and Disabled can die in the streets !!!


Pathetic Grand Old Plutocrats are just doing what the Greedy and Heartless Wealthy Donors tell them to do !!! 

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Re: Trump Reverses Himself on the House Health Care Bill

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Just another illustration of the GOP being unable to govern. Once again they do an about face on policy they've touted for months.


At least they didn't get their initial wish. If they had, then it would be the job of the next Democratic president to enter office, and immediately start work on cleaning up their mess, as always happens. (13 pages of lies and growing)
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Honored Social Butterfly

Trump Reverses Himself on the House Health Care Bill

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I'm LOL! After watching our Trump Lovers repeatedly defend the House Health Care bill because it was supported by their hero, they will be crushed to learn their idol changed his mind. Watch them automatically reverse their position on the Ryan bill to keep in step with their hero.


Washington (CNN) President Trump told Republican Senators lunching at the White House Tuesday the House health care bill he celebrated earlier this year was "mean," a source told CNN.


Trump made it clear multiple times that he was pleased that the Senate negotiations appeared to be moving away from where the House version of the repeal and replace effort ended up, according to three sources familiar with the meeting. Trump told the lawmakers that the House bill didn't go far enough in protecting individuals in the marketplace.
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