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Trump Rally Data Shows a Clear Winning Coalition in 2020

BY:  Brad Parscale


If you want to get a better understanding of the type of people who make up President Trump’s coalition, try attending one of his rallies.


Contrary to the media’s straw-man portrayal of a stereotypical Trump voter, Keep America Great rallies attract voters of all demographic descriptions from across the political spectrum who have been uplifted by his policies. These patriotic Americans love our country and everything it stands for.


Trump supporters are not embarrassed by our founding, our history, or our Constitution. All they want is to live in a great America, and Donald Trump is the only leader who unabashedly shares that goal.


After attending dozens of Trump rallies throughout the country, I can definitively say that there is no politician in America who is capable of uniting voters like this president — and the data we’ve gathered from these events proves it. As I’ve been saying since 2016, data doesn’t lie.


Out of more than 20,000 identified voters who came to a recent Trump rally in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 57.9 percent did not have a history of voting for Republicans. Remarkably, 4,413 attendees didn’t even vote in the last election — a clear indication that President Trump is energizing Americans who were previously not engaged in politics.


The Milwaukee rally wasn’t exceptional in that respect. It was just like other rallies the president has held all over the country.


Nearly 22 percent of identified supporters at President Trump’s rally in Toledo, Ohio, were Democrats, and another 21 percent were independents. An astounding 15 percent of identified voters who saw the president speak in Battle Creek, Michigan, has not voted in any of the last four elections. In Hershey, Pennsylvania, just over 20 percent of identified voters at the rally were Democrats, and 18 percent were non-white.


The list of jaw-dropping rally statistics goes on. And on. And on.


These numbers are nothing short of remarkable, especially considering the polarized political environment that the “#Resist” movement has fostered over the past three years. Trump supporters have to brave hostility, and even outright violence, just for wearing MAGA gear in public. Yet, they turn out by the thousands for Keep America Great rallies because they’re so enthusiastic about this president’s record of promises kept.


When President Trump holds a rally, they wait in line for hours — and in some cases, days — just to see him on stage and applaud his accomplishments. Unlike the political elites in Washington, these voters understand that American greatness is at stake in the upcoming election and that the only candidate in the race who has what it takes to keep America great is the one who has spent the past three years restoring it to greatness.


President Trump’s coalition defies stereotypes because he delivers results that offer something for everyone. Anyone who attends a Keep America Great rally can see that for themselves.

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Trump Rally Data Shows a Clear Winning Coalition in 2020 .....


...... Hopefully,  true Americans will stop Trump's coalition of  cultists, White Supremacists, White Nationalists and Neo-Nazis from "winning" anything!

Honored Social Butterfly

"President Trump’s coalition defies stereotypes because he delivers results that offer something for everyone. Anyone who attends a Keep America Great rally can see that for themselves.


 That's  a MAGA rally? I thought it was an Archie Bunker family reunion. Who knew? 🙂

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To sum it up....Trump has been basically good to the ripoff party of wealthy republicans . Cut taxes for the rich. Rolled back Obama's regulatory laws ( regardless if it was  for banks that caused our last recession) appointed bushels of conservative judges plus a rock-star Supreme Court Justice (that will put women "in their place" as breeders ). Don't care about the 10,000 children still separated from parents don't care about his abuse of women and workers and of children who are not white.   Trump has lied since taking office–and the way he has treated other decorated current and former members of the U.S. armed forces. Donald Trump has never seen veterans as anything more than the backdrop for a publicity stunt or a photo op.  

The evidence is clear that T RUMP is a corrupt, evil, disgusting pig when it comes to women and lacks real knowledge but future generations will be puzzled as to how he was able to manipulate so many people into thinking he was the opposite of what he truly is.    Except for anyone that has studied history,   they will quickly recognize that this behavior is nothing new. It is the same mass mob mentality that occurred during every fascist regime like Hitler. They lack the same cohesive logic as Trump, which makes his popularity all the more attractive as they are drawn to someone that has the same apparent low IQ that they do.

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Brad Pascale -- Trump campaign manager 2020.



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