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Trump Is Reversing 100 Environmental Rules

Trump Administration Is Reversing 100
Environmental Rules



The bulk of the rollbacks identified by the Times have been carried out by the Environmental Protection Agency, which repealed and replaced the Obama-era emissions rules for power plants and vehicles; weakened protections for more than half the nation's wetlands; and withdrew the legal justification for restricting mercury emissions from power plants.

At the same time, the Interior Department has worked to open up more land for oil and gas leasing by cutting back protected areas and limiting wildlife protections.




Just shoot me now. I'm not sure I can make it til January. Feel free to call your pals at the NRA. I'm thinking a .22 to the temple. Let the bullet rattle around my brain case. No mess to clean up. Anytime is fine.






Trump is an aperture in the fundament.
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Toad's REFUSAL to involve the Federal Government in fighting the virus is killing more Americans than Hitler killed in WWII, so why would anyone think he won't do the same with environmental laws?


Removing the protections increases the profits, and Toad and the GOP have always put money ahead of people.


The problem isn't just tRump - it's the entire neo-Republican Party! BOTH MUST GO!

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