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Trump 2 Busy W/ Rallys 2 Visit US Troops Iraq/Afghan

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Trump Says He Hasn’t Visited Troops In Afghanistan, Iraq Because He’s ‘Very Busy’


The president told The Associated Press in an interview published on Tuesday that he’ll go overseas to military bases in places like Iraq and Afghanistan “at some point” but he doesn’t “think it’s overly necessary.”


Trumps Rally & Golfing Schedule


1. In August alone, President Trump has held 16 events in eight states to rally support for Republicans running for office in gubernatorial, House and Senate races. So far, he's helped raise over $75 million for Republicans at these events. 


2. He has headlined 20 rallies over the past four months


Trump has golfed on 133 of the days he has been president. That’s about once every 4.7 days.


In recent months, though, Trump has added a new favorite pastime.


Over the past four months, he has held 20 campaign rallies in Minnesota (twice), Mississippi, Florida, Pennsylvania (twice, including Wednesday evening), Tennessee, Nevada (twice), Ohio, West Virginia (twice), Kansas, Iowa, Montana (twice), South Carolina, Indiana and North Dakota. He’s expected to add trips to Kentucky and Ohio (again) this week.


Trump going to rallies isn’t new. That recent glut of rallies, though, looks like this.


Over the past four months, Trump has headlined a campaign rally or visited one of his private properties on 58 percent of the days, in part because of his vacation in Bedminster in August and his time spent in New York during the U.N. General Assembly last month.


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