Honored Social Butterfly

ToadPOTUS has created a Truth-Free Administration.

Elected by Putin because 40 years of lies from FOX gave him a base totally ignorant of what's really going on in the World, tRump carried that scenerio into has Administration. He'f fired and denegated everyone who refused to faun all over him and as a result only gets told what he already thinks is true.


This is how authoritarian Governments are organized and is the reason neither the Chinese nor ToadPOTUS was able to respond to the obvious danger of Covid19 until the disaster (and KingToad's lack of clothing) was so obvious not even the most oliogenious sychophant could pretend to believe Toad's "reassurances" or his "hunch" the infection count in the US had already peaked at 15, and would be going down almost imediately.


Now if you're one who STILL thinks Covid19 aka tRump2020 is not going to be a disaster for the totally unprepared USA, GO OUT AND PARTY with as many Republican friends as you can find. that way we won't have to deal with you next time we need leadership AND a nation that believes its leaders.

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