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Toad's stupidity kills Feds

The Toad administration REFUSES to issue guidance for telecommuting by Federal employees, insisting the Toad-appointed dolt running each agency decide for themselves if their workers could work from home, or should ware masks and social distance if they do come to the office. This situation exists AT LEAST FOUR MONTHS after tRumps senior staff knew of the Pandemic.


And its not like telecommuting would be a problem - Feds are much more highly educated than the general workforce - 70% have 4-year degrees (vs 36% of all workers), and the percent with advanced degrees has steadily risen for the last decade:

Could not find percent of Feds with home computers, but I'd suggest it's way over 70%, so at least 1.6MILLION hard working Feds have been needlessly exposed to the virus (better identified as tRumpvid20) along with their families BECAUSE TOAD CANNOT LEAD.


Feds supporting the Toad should be deminishing in number on a daily basis, save those who owe their position to the little Toad.


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    For those in DC, it is most likely Donald's fear that they would do something on the home computer that his watch dogs could not threatened them with retailiation.    Reminder:  many FED employees are mandated to turn off their personal phones while in FED building - trump et al would lose control.  

PRO-LIFE is Affordable Healthcare for ALL .
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