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Re: Things President Trump Has Condemned

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The Republican Party has been electing racist, sexist, homophobic nitwits to the SCOTUS, House and Senate for decades, and now they've put one in the White House.


Democrats have gotten so selective in who we support - only the the seriously defamed and oppressed need apply - the historic base of working Americans now votes Republican, in total opposition to their own self-interest. We need to get back to basics - support for ECONOMIC advancement of the bottom 90% - and understand that the real destroyer of democracy is the Republican redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the very top of the 1%. The far Right get new members because what the new members want is a better life and they see all non-whites as the ones who were given what had been bubba's share of the pie.


Democrats still need to support equality, but lets concentrate on the Mother of All INequalities - ECONOMIC inequality.

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Honored Social Butterfly

Things President Trump Has Condemned

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Things President Trump Has Condemned Other Than White Nationalists


The White House has not responded to a request to explain why the president — who for many years lanced political leaders who declined to use the term, “radical Islamic terror” — couldn’t put a name to the hate groups visible in Virginia.


While we wait for their answer, which I’m sure is coming soon, here’s a brief and certainly incomplete collection of some of the various people, things, and entities that the president has spoken out against by name since taking office:

 Opinion polls that are unflattering to him;



— The “fake news” media;

— Specifically “CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, NYTIMES & WAPO”;

 Meet the Press host Chuck Todd;

 The New York Times;

— The “fake” reporting on his campaign’s potential collusion with Russia;

— The “witch hunt” that is the investigation into his campaign’s potential collusion with Russia;



 Anonymous sources;

 Senator Lisa Murkowski;

 Senator John McCain;

 Senator Lindsey Graham;

 All Senate Republicans;


 Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch;

 His own attorney general, Jeff Sessions;

 Acting FBI director Andrew McCabe;

 Former FBI director James Comey;

 The FBI;

— “Fake tears” Cryin’ Chuck Schumer;

 Nancy Pelosi;

 Congressmember Adam Schiff;

 Senator Richard Blumenthal;

 Barack Obama;

 Hillary Clinton;

 John Podesta;

 Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff;

 Democrats in Congress;


 North Korea’s unsuccessful missiles;

 North Korea;





 London mayor Sadiq Khan;

 “Crazy Joe Scarborough and dumb as a rock Mika”;

 Morning Joe;

 Arnold Schwarzenegger;

 Snoop Dogg;

 Mark Cuban;


 Kathy Griffin;

 The Ninth Circuit Court;

 Transgender military service members;

 Chelsea Manning;

 M3-13 gang members;

 The idea that his first 100 days in office were of symbolic significance.



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