John Cooke

It’s easy to forget just how quickly the rhetoric has shifted on the Second Amendment in just the last few years. For decades, we heard the same tired line from Democrats that “nobody is coming to take your guns.” Many — including myself — didn’t buy into the assertion at the time, and for many of those who defended the Second Amendment, we caught quite a bit of grief over it. 

Just two years ago, though, retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens called for a complete repeal of the Second Amendment. Stevens is not a part of some radical “fringe,” he was one of nine of the most powerful members of our judicial branch. His boldness was quite a departure from then-President Barack Obama’s declaration that “I believe in the Second Amendment” in 2016.


It's becoming more evident everyday, that the louder the lie is yelled ...  “nobody is coming to take your guns”,  the more those of us who believe in the sanctity of the constitution, should be concerned. Because you don't believe it... doesn't make it so. There are plenty/enough statements from the highest position in America , for the likelhood to happen. I predict the next democrat elected president ( sooner or later), will try some back handed executive order, to circumvent the 2nd amendment.