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The winners and losers in these elections.

When this is all over there will be winners and losers 
Depending on who wins this country will be different, whether is better or worse that is for all of us to see.
I finde myself more concerns with us as citizens that who or what the government will provide or be.
The division that has taken over this country is probably the most pernicious thing that could have happen to all of us.
Political beliefs are common, some agree with whatever and some disagree on the same subject. that is normal no problem there.
Bu what I am seeing now is very serious. and that is the complete deterioration of our moral values. and that will have consequnces.
For the first time in my life I have seen my church the Catholic Church not only defame but misinformed its faithful and I do not understand why/
Is not only whether they agree with a candidate or not. is the words that they are putting out as the words of what the church stands by.
I am sad, and lost. 
This is a video of another nun a representative of the Catholic Church perhaps you can tell me that I am wrong and that she is right.


















































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